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-Helms Deep- Reborn
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SeriouS_Samurai  [developer] Apr 5, 2013 @ 5:47am
Changelog v.15
August 28, 2011

Changes from version 13 to 15:

Every... single... thing... has been improved.
-Helm's Deep- Reborn is now the most thrilling map to play. The question is, can you survive until Gandalf's arrival?

This is the full changelog:

- Everyone's time has been reset to 0.

- Major common infected spawn improvements, lag is almost completely gone and the gameplay is much better.

- Ammo piles can now run out of ammo (Version 15 will never be fully balanced because of unlimited ammo with pistols and mounted machine guns. A solution for the "unlimited ammo issue" (with pistols and mounted machine guns) will be made for version 16).

- Players can now customize their game by turning off the first 25mins LOTR music. Press and hold the lever in the armory (the startins rooms). When the music is off a small message will appear.

- Design, detail and terrain changes throughout the map (higher detailed), more accurate to the movie aswell as new objects/models have been added.

- Areas look more realistic due to texture orientation and design improvements.

- Added Legolas and horses with professional animations. Be careful, the horses might not stay calm during the battle!

- More areas won't look the same during the course of the game. The map is very dynamic with shifting enviorments.

- Console messages now all have the same structure (except for credits).
3 stars, space, info, space, 3 stars.
Example: *** Theoden King stands alone... ***

- Improved on-screen messages/directions/tips.

- Tweaked the times. Old version had greater intervals which made the game longer/shorter (unbalanced). The times are still random.
1. The Deeping Wall should now explode very close to 4mins.
2. Fall back very close to 7mins.
3. Retreat into the keep very close to 15mins.
The tower unlock time is based on witch kill.

- Cs knife can be found in the armory.

- Added, deleted, moved and perfected item setup throughout the whole map. (For instance: The gate area has less molotovs and the armory (The startings rooms) don't have all weapons, however all weapons will later appear when you return to the armory + lasersights).

- Reduced the sick amount of explosives.

- The 3 shutters above the gate will now start fully opened. The shutters cannot be closed. They are no longer dynamic because players got stuck if they stood on top of them while opening/closing.

- Added invisble walls in critical areas.

- The burning hay will continue to burn 6 seconds after the gate is lost (Players get a chance to move back without tanks storming you from behind). It will also fade more realistic.

- Removed the thundersound, so the music sounds better and to make voice chat less noisy.

- Removed decompile protection and i've made it easier for people to understand how the map works (in hammer) if you decompiled it.

- Deleted unnecessary files from the vpk and optimized some files for smaller size. However, file size increased because of all the new content.

- Gandalf's fireworks :D

- When you win the map, posters and pictures will appear, including fan art from my upcoming Lord of the Rings campaign!


- The very first room that you start in (The stables area) will be blocked when you return (After you passed the witch).

- "Maximum tank spawn" will now start 6mins and 21sec earlier, but it will only last for 4mins and 11sec. When it goes back to normal no message will be shown.

- The armory (The starting rooms with weapons) will be blocked after 6mins of defence (Approx. 21mins on survival timer).
There are several ways to survive this mess. You can move items and weapons out of the armory before it closes and grab pistols + use the mounted machine gun. You can go outside the keep and grab ammo for you main weapon. You can go up to the second floor and survive using the pills on the table. Most of the tactics will be nerfed in the next version.

- During screen flash (when sun rises) all zombies inside the keep and a distance outside will die (You get a chance to defib players and the sound played, Gandalf's voice, won't be ruined by a tank's roar).


- Health kits and pills that spawn in the armory when you gear up before the "charge event" are now organized and easier to see.

- Improved the space where players can move during the charge event.

- Objects on the ground (in the charge path) will no longer auto-break before "the charge event".

- One of the wooden traps (That drop down explosives if you shoot it) will now auto-break before "the charge event".


- Improved areas that would cause your fps to drop from high to low instantly, more stable fps now.

- Fixed all models/overlays with no fade distance and optimized some model's/overlay's fade distance.

- Final nodraw texturing (Less lag in general).

- Optimized ALL physics for ultimate pings!

- Improved map loading speed.

- Gandalf and Gimli will no longer increase your ping.

- Improved performance when you minimize to desktop while playing the map and return, however you should avoid minimizing.

- Fixed crashes on GTX 295 and similar Multi-GPU graphic cards (Removed a lot of smoke particles from the map).


- Players will no longer get stuck in the torch in the tunnel before the burning hay.

- Players can no longer climb up on top of Gandalf or Gimli. Zombies will no longer appear to be climbing Gandalf.

- If you died durning "slow motion" at the Gandalf event, the next round would be entirely in slow motion. This should be fixed now.

- Fixed zombies getting stuck in a lot of areas (This will increase difficulty). A few objects will also auto-break when you move to a new section of the map to avoid zombies getting stuck.

- Deleted a ladder for zombies which caused tanks to get stuck. This was the main reason why no (or too few) tanks would appear inside the keep.

- Fixed an issue when the Fall back message on-screen would not disappear eventhough you moved back.

- Fixed items/humans/zombies floating below the bridge/gate, to the far left side, and you will no longer get spit if you stay there.

- Fixed all known locations where humans bounced up and down, if a smoker got you with his tongue.

- L4d1 bots use a special debug system that greatly reduces the chance of them blocking the path where the wall explodes or standing in front of mounted machine guns, or acting really wierd.

- Fixed some minor bugs related to molotovs/gascans/fireworks (The spinning molotov bug on the wall still remains, I do not want to change this, it's too unique).

- Fixed a lot of bugs caused by chargers and they can no longer push humans over certain edges.

- Fixed players getting stuck between rocks, very close to l4d1 bots.

- Players trying to walk very far in the distance (close to zombie spawn areas) will now get pushed back.

- When you win the map, all invisble walls surrounding the tower will be removed (To make the jump from the tower more fun and so you can defib dead players within these).

- Fixed bots getting stuck on the broken parts of the Deeping Wall (when the wall explodes). In addition, it's harder for players to camp on the broken wall edges.

- The gate will auto-break moments before the keep opens, if you for some wierd reason manage to hold it that long.

- Depending on what server you play on, sometimes the rain doesn't stop eventhough sun has risen. This bug still remains unsolved.


- Fixed all light errors when the map is in daylight. More realistic sunlight at the top of the tower. Fixed all models that were pitch black at day. Fixed a few buggy and missing shadows when the map shifted from night to day.

- Fixed a lot of unrealistic light when the map is in nighttime.

- Smoke will no longer change color into blue.

- Improved map brightness, the map is slightly more lit up.

- Fixed noticeable visual errors related to mounted machine guns.

- Fixed all wrong texture placements.

- Gave a lot of close-up-enviorment better texture resolution and improved the mountain texture in a few of areas.

- Added more variety of textures (but still not perfect).

- Fixed noticeable missing textures.

- Improved all overlays that were put "in a hurry".

- A lot of objects will no longer appear to be "inside" any other object or wall, perfection.

- Fixed all remaining known locations where you could see outside the map.


- When using "4+ player plugins" and you spawn more players, the starting rooms will continue teleport players for 7mins after the battle has been started, this will fix a lot of problems.

- Minor improvements for servers with gravity enabled.

- Minor improvements when playing as special infected, but it will never be perfect for "Versus survival" because the map is to big.

- Gandalf's aura does 50% less dmg, still enough to instant kill a tank, but for modified servers it's not. In addition, enemies high above Gandalf (A leaping hunter for instance) will no longer get killed.

- Reduced the speed for players jumping with gravity, during the charge event.

- Blocked windows shortcut (above the witch) for players using gravity.

- For servers with "4+ player plugins" there is now less amount of weapons in each weapon entity so not everyone can pick a sniper in the beginning (Also to avoid griefers trying to lag the server).

- ...and 100's of other improvements.