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Left 4 Dead 2

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SeriouS_Samurai  [developer] Apr 5, 2013 @ 5:37am
Changelog v.11
November 24, 2010

Changes from version 10 to 11:

- The L4D1 bot survivors will NOT survive forever. Francis and Zoey will die when the wall explodes. Louis with the mounted machine gun will die when you need to fallback. Their bodies will also disappear so you cannot defib them.

- Added a simple LOTR loading screen.

- Decreased the amount of health related items behind the deeping wall.

- The L4D1 survivors will drop their health items when they die.

- Fixed a big defib exploit in the armory. There was a trick to get outside the armory in the beginning of the map, into the hall, and also at the "gear up" before charge event you could escape and totally bug the map.

- The turret that Louis uses will be destroyed so it cant be used at the Gandalf event.

- Reduced the extra speed gained at the "charge event" by 20%.

- Added more explosive- and incendiary- ammo throughout the level.

- Removed a few items that were never used such as pipebombs, in the Hornburg area.

- Added slightly more time before the zombies will attack the main gate. However the main gates health remains the same.

- Added more support for modded servers using low gravity. Blocked a lot of bugged spots that caused the "spit effect", tanks could also punch you up to these spots. The "charge event" is NOT bugged if you use low gravity.

- Fixed a visual bug in the ground exactly where the wall explodes. You could see outside the map.

- Major performance improvements.