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SeriouS_Samurai  [developer] Jul 22, 2014 @ 3:58am
Changelog v.21
July 22, 2014

Changes from version 20 to 21:

This update is based on feedback from the community, mainly feedback regarding how difficult it was to win.

- Helm's Deep Reborn now uses VSLib which Rayman1103 has been developing. VSLib basically allows more control of everything within the game. The following changes (the alphabetic list) is part of the new script which I asked Rayman1103 to create for Helm's Deep Reborn exclusively:

a) Tanks now attack 50% slower, basically after they've punched you they will wait slightly longer (as a survivor you should be able to get atleast 1 more swing with a melee weapon) until they punch you again.

b) Chargers now deal 7 damage rather than 10 damage.

c) Bots can no longer use their flashlight (Optimization but it was also a bit annoying when the bots aimed their flashlight in your face).

d) The white explosive barrel no longer leaves a small piece of it behind when it explodes (Optimization but also prevents the infected/survivors from getting stuck).

e) When you defib a survivor he/she will now gain 70hp rather than 50hp.

f) Reduced the time it takes to defib a survivor by 1 second (this change also makes the animation look more realistic).

g) When you revive a survivor he/she will now gain 50 temporary hp rather than 30 temporary hp (You are allowed to make more mistakes but the map is still very challenging to win and is still pretty much impossible to win alone when playing together with bots only).

h) New chat command !teleportbot which teleports all bots and idle players to the player who wrote it (This new chat command is extremely useful when you need to meet at the top of the tower but also in other situations when the bots just seem to be stuck or are just being too slow). However, to prevent people from abusing it there is a 20 second cooldown and it does not teleport bots and idle players that are dead, incapped or that are caught by a smoker for instance. Spectators are not able to use this chat command.

i) The old kill counter originally created by The Fish had to be rewritten but the new one is very identical. The new kill counter by Rayman1103 does have a few minor improvements aswell: the kill counter HUD will now instantly update when someone joins the game and when someone changes their name.
Note: There is still a problem with the custom HUD taking up too much space on your screen or it may look broken on some display resolutions. The chat commands !hidekills and !showkills still exist but they will hide/show the kill counter HUD for everyone and not just for the player who wrote one of the chat commands.

- All players' survival record (time) has been reset to 0.

- Deleted the explosives outside the gate on the bridge leading down to the field (A total of 1 propane tank (white explosive) and 15 oxygen tanks (green explosive)). I deleted them mainly due to crashes and performance issues as it just makes the map unstable. Some players would trigger these explosives at the start rather than waiting until you actually should defend the gate. These explosives would also knock down any gas cans that had been tossed out on the bridge.

- Deleted 1 oxygen tank (green explosive) outside the fortress in the middle of the field mainly due to performance issues (shooting 1 explosive should no longer set off the entire wall with explosives but rather half of it).

- Deleted the small easter egg from The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey. The small easter egg from The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug still remains.

- Shortened the time you need to wait in the Great Hall before being able to charge out by 5 seconds. In addition, a couple of more common infected will now spawn at the beginning of the charge event.

- Shortened some information displayed in the chat box when you win the map.

- Deleted the addonimage.jpg in the vpk for various reasons (mainly because the image is unnecessary as the Steam Workshop thumbnail replaces it).

- Reduced the number of weapons in each entity for the auto shotgun (not the spas) from 2 to 1. This is mainly due to experienced players moving items, which can also cause some lag. It makes it more interesting with less weapons in each entity and it becomes a bit more realistic. Bug: Bots are still able to magically pick up more weapons than what is set in each weapon entity.

I've also done some improvements to my website.
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