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Linux support?
Will we see the game come to Gnu/Linux in the near future?
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Tristan! 27. Apr. 2013 um 9:31 Uhr 
DarkPath13 1. Mai 2013 um 16:20 Uhr 
While they never promised it during their Kickstarter campaign, I did back the project with the hopes that they would come to Linux.
Yami 6. Mai 2013 um 15:01 Uhr 
I hope it too
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PiratePatch 12. Mai 2013 um 9:06 Uhr 
+1 Would love to see this game on Linux
Would also love to see this on Linux. Linux is incredibly lacking in games like this one.
I would buy if it had linux support. Hands down. Looks great!
ThunderJug 3. Juni 2013 um 12:23 Uhr 
If I could switch over to gaming solely on Linux, then I would be one happy person! This game looks wonderful and is the type of thing that would help to move Linux game developemnt forward!
kas 12. Juni 2013 um 23:29 Uhr 
dain42 23. Juni 2013 um 0:30 Uhr 
For many games now, my purchasing is fairly dependant upon there being Linux support. If it's a huge title which I strongly want to play, I'll probably buy anyway. But for games that I'm buying more on a whim...well...the whim is more likely to come if I see that I don't need to reboot to Windows to play.
Ninjinx 28. Juni 2013 um 14:23 Uhr 
I would want a linux version too
Linux support please! Games like this would go miles with the Linux community and show other developers what the Linux platform is capable of with modern graphics. I would not hesitate to buy this game considering the price point either. Most games these days are too expensive unless you find them on sale, but at $15 and under, most people that find it interesting will buy it. Great idea, love it.
Minty-Linux 1. Juli 2013 um 4:07 Uhr 
I would love to see this on Linux, and i would quickly buy a copy if it was available.
"Me too" I'd love to play this on Linux.
Orochi Kyo 1. Juli 2013 um 9:37 Uhr 
Linux support Please!!!
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