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Maghook 15. Jan. 2014 um 13:55 Uhr
230MB patch?
What's new?
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Maghook 15. Jan. 2014 um 22:52 Uhr 
And now a 48MB patch...
luckypause  [Entwickler] 17. Jan. 2014 um 14:26 Uhr 
We were trouble shooting the game not running for a few people and traced it back to not having the .NET redistributable included as a required install, it's required for all UDK / Unreal 3 games so most people would have had it already. On our end we just tell steam it's required and steam takes care of the install. The update was related to this. I assume steam is smart enough not to keep a separate .NET redistributable for every game that needs it though so hopefully it doesn't actually make the game take up more space unless needed. I can look into this more if you like. Thanks!
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