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Galactic Arms Race
Some things to work out for the game
The game is very good but I think there are a few things other than menu finishing and bug solving (even if I haven't seen any bugs yet I'll assume there are) to work out:

- When you go to the options and press "reset the character to level 1" there should appear a square with "Are you sure you want to reset your character ?" so that you won't reset your characater by mistake.

- When you go to options to change the resolution there should be a list to chose from already set resolutions instead of those places to put the numbers like the other games have.

- When you go to multiplayer there should be a table like those that most games with multiplayer have for both looks and information that includes things like server name, map, game mode, players/max players and ping, but that's probably going to be added when the game is going to be finished.

- When you're in the middle of the battle you should be able to roate the map with keys in the and also to change it back to default view by pressing a single button, for a better gaming experience and for a better view of the field.

- When you go to the option there should be an optional auto-roate camera opiton which you can activate or deactivate so that you can always see from the back of your ship. So if you turn left for exemple the camera will also turn left with you.
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Astral Projection  [sviluppatore] 11 feb 2013, ore 17:34 
- confirmation of character reset: agreed and will add on todo list
- resolution selection: agreed that would be easier, will add on todo list
- there is a multiplayer server brower, however there really is no "map selection". every server has the entire galaxy
- free camera: agreed that would be a good feature
- camera follow: not sure what you mean by this one. that is how the camera currently works now?
I'm only level 57 out of an apparent max of 1000, but by this point I may be correct in saying I've seen a lot of the possible weapon possibilities?
It would be great to see 2 or more different weapon types.. they seem to all be particle bombs... how about some lasers or a weapon that starts out as a small beam and explodes? I can understand that most of what I just said can probably be achieved using the weapon lab.. but I don't understand the weapon lab :(.... how about a tutorial or something?

Also are there some servers else where that have >0 people on?
Yeah I agree.. I'd like to be able to tilt the camera so I could play in top-down mode or FPS (or at least zoom in a lot more so I can see my ship).

Are there any spaces open in your development team btw? I'm very interested in this project! :)

( ) A little timer next to isotopes to show you how many seconds left before they disappear.
( ) Pirates and aliens differentiated on the map
( ) Gate names/locations appear on the map

Oh and btw, I'm an artist.
I'd like the weapons to stay as they are now.
Yeah a tutorial for the weapon lab would be great.
And also a little timer near isotopes would be usefull.
I like pirates and aliens as they are now (both red).
And I don't think the last one is a good ideea.

Camera Follow: The camera moves as your aim moves, so if you aim on the left side, the camera also turns left so that you can aim better. Right now the camera is static.

Heiach if you would like we could play online together sometimes.
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Astral Projection  [sviluppatore] 26 mag 2013, ore 12:49 
good stuff here. we are re-doing the whole game in Unity and will implement most of them
Idea :

With the weapon lab, i was thinking that you could add a little image which would show the weapon firing (like when you haven't yet picked up a weapon) so that we haven't to fire in the background to see what changes it has made.
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