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Freedom Planet
GalaxyTrail  [Entwickler] 28. Feb. 2013 um 14:12 Uhr
Preview: Milla Gameplay
Ahoy Steamsters! We thought we'd share a little something with you that we've been working on lately.

Milla Bassett is now fully functional, and we've been putting a lot of work lately into her first stage, Aqua Tunnel. (Unlike Lilac and Carol, she doesn't play through Dragon Valley.) If you're interested, we've uploaded a beta video below!


The "hah!" sounds that play when she floats are a placeholder. They'll be less annoying in the next video - we promise.

Since the video, we've also updated the HUD a little bit to make the numbers easier to read: (link)[i54.tinypic.com]
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the1stMoyatia 21. Juni 2013 um 21:08 Uhr 
This level is amazing!
Valzeras 22. Juni 2013 um 8:52 Uhr 
reminds me of the hydrocity zone
Captain Jzel 24. Juni 2013 um 21:42 Uhr 
now i'm am looking forward to play as Milla. her gameplay style is quite unique, using energy based powers and a slowish speed. my guess is that her gameplay style will be more puzzle based then the other two. plus with that pick-up ability, she will be the powerhouse in the group with the throwing ability
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