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Freedom Planet
Graphics Suggestion
With platformers, graphics are an essential part of the game.

If you're trying to go with the 16-bit graphics style, you need to render each frame and format it right so that any in-game animations don't look cheasy/cheap/thrown together.
Examples: After watching the trailer, any parts where the characters rotated or any of the in-game objects rotated seemed cheap because of the way they were rotated (the characters were rendered at one angle and the pixels of the characters were rotated instead of rerendered).

If you're trying to go with a vectorized style, you need to make sure everything is made of vectors and that everything runs and looks smooth, including the animation (in which case the smoother rotation of the characters and such would look completely fine).

All I'm suggesting is that you do one or the other before the game is completely ready for launch (I'm assuming you don't want vector so, the first option would be best) so that the game doesn't look cheesy because of the animation.