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ACE Online
Crap-Head 20 gen 2013, ore 20:58
Space cowboys
kidn of reminds me of that one game space cowboys I use to play it a looong time ago...
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Exiaion 21 gen 2013, ore 11:46 
it is Space cowboy. only a dif name and more updated
Meat_Grinder 21 gen 2013, ore 19:14 
Updated for the worse
Sir Wolfington, Lord of Shocking 24 gen 2013, ore 8:06 
They updated to "Ace Online" a few years back. Fun, yes, but let's face it, bloody awful in the long run.
Crap-Head 24 gen 2013, ore 10:48 
Ahh well guess that tells oyu howl ong its been since the last I played lol...
Blue Cheese 28 gen 2013, ore 16:17 
I used to play SCO too! Good to see people who still remember this game! :D (I was some BCU I-gear) I stopped playing right before the game got sold to another company and got renamed to "Skysis(?)". I think they got into legal trouble with the game Crysis, so the had to changed the name again after that. The game was great back then but the new updated done during that time kinda ruined the game a bit. If they manage to upgrade the game and fix some flaws, I'm willing to play this again.
Kizambare 30 gen 2013, ore 14:26 
because of bussiness negotiation. space cowboy ended and was bought to be ace online by suba games.
hi.Cribster 14 feb 2013, ore 22:33 
Played SCO and watched it transform into Ace Online. Its been updated for the worse and the pay to win aspect of the game takes skill almost completely out of the game. If you're going to play it as a "free to play" game you will be very frustrated when you get 1 hit by everyone and can't kill anyone
bpfoley89 16 feb 2013, ore 15:42 
SCO and FLYFF ended when Yedang Soft sold the rights to the game to Mesang Soft. During the transition all versions of the game had to be shut down and the rights to it were redistributed to Mesang would be able to get some cash out of it.

Sadly, that didn't work. There are so many Private Servers of the game that it's begging to look like all the old player are never going to return.

The NA version is Ace Online, the EU version is AirRivals, and I believe the East Asian version is Sky Fighter.
sdfgsdfgsdfg 2 mar 2013, ore 15:38 
itsl ace online in the eastern asian versions
nogard 4 giu 2013, ore 20:10 
true, i was a Space Cowboy fan, but then game died and haven't the chance to play again, then Ace Online came, with not so original name and decreased in mostly everything. but still a good game
Dreusyla Arashi 7 giu 2013, ore 19:28 
thats because it is space cowboy, this game has been boughht out by 4 different companies, it was called space cowboy, air rivals, flysis, now its called ace online
Mab0r0shi 23 lug 2013, ore 9:15 
Still, we all stoped playing because they change the game that we liked before and put PayToWin aspect that everyone hate + the game was released in 2006 and the graphics never been updated. quest are repetitive and when you get lvl40+ ( i think ) you have to go to a pvp map to continue your mission and then.. if you dont pay you get own, but.. OWN! and thats it.. I voted yes for the greenlight thing but i lost faith in this game anyway... i voted because it WAS a great game.
Dreusyla Arashi 23 lug 2013, ore 14:25 
i stopped playing it because they removed all personal customization of your gears colors from the game saying it "causes lag" so everyone flew the same exact looking gears
Cecil 13 ott 2013, ore 16:36 
Im still sad that i lost all my characters from spacecowboys :(. I use to play ace online but havent in over a year since my equipment is too weak to kill anyone but low level poeple and get 1 hit constantly
◥▶Λrtum◀◤ 14 gen, ore 18:56 
Spacecowboys was fun while it lasted ^^. Ace Online took its place, and though it spiraled downwards, I'm sure greenlight will help the game w/ players, which in turn brings back everyone ;)
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