Holo Spy.
Dark Lord Satin 27. led. v 8.16 dop.
Possible device specs (and uses)
This has potential. Consider dropping this hologram in a corner, an unsuspecting enemy may happen upon it and immediately attack. This gives you the opportunity to come up behind for a backstab. The hologram could pretend to flinch and take damage, or even pretend to fire upon the opponent (without moving). Quickly dropping the device while moving could draw enemy fire for a moment, allowing more time to escape.

It could even be programmed to simulate your current disguise when placed. Making a friendly hologram would have it pretend to attack enemies, but making it an enemy hologram causes it to pretend to attack friendly players. For example, place an enemy sniper to fool others into thinking it's safe; or place a friendly heavy to draw their fire. The device should use the sound and visual effects of disguising when placed.

Placement is an issue. It could function like an engineer building, where you right-click to rotate its facing direction. Or it could face you when left-click placing, and face away when right-click placing. Another issue is the device itself. Would the device turn invisible when placed? It would be a dead giveaway if it isn't at least partially hidden. The device should be easily destroyed, and shooting the hologram enough times could short the device, revealing it. Pyros would be able to easily dispatch it with their fire.

This would replace your sapper, obviously. If you're facing engineers on the other team (that aren't already being handled), you'll probably want to avoid using this.
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RPGMASTERUNDERWORLD 16. čvc. v 9.07 odp. 
This Weapon should definetly be in the game. It sould be so that it can never be destroyed but you can pass through it and teh hologram only lasts 30, or 60 seconds. Also bullets, fire, and projectiles should pass through it.
ulramite 18. říj. v 12.51 dop. 
Different things should happen depending on what class you were disguised as, and what team you were on. The Holograms should move around, run away and shoot but deal no damage. They wouldn't be able to move very far from the hologram though.
Scout: Strafe and shoot at enemies.
Soldier: Run forward and shoot.
Pyro: W+M1.
Demoman: Run forward and shoot (if on defending team and no enemies around then place stickybombs.
Heavy: Walk forward and shoot.
Engineer: Hit nearby buildings with wrench. If no buildings nearby then it just is obvious.
Medic: Look as if healing teamates
Sniper: Scope and miss every shot
Spy: Runs away.
What i think
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