Conan The barbarian Outfits
mrmassaker 2013年8月1日 0時37分
Where is the sword?
So given that you already modded the sword, and this armor mod is released for a while now, when do you include the sword? You know, how should my avatar knows the secret of steel if he doesn't whield conans sword? What should he answer to Crom after his life, if crom is questioning? nnnääääh =D

plz add it soon

good job with this mod so far, prometheus.
I love your skeleton mod too!
最近の変更はmrmassakerが行いました; 2013年8月1日 0時38分
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PROMETHEUS  [開発者] 2013年8月12日 13時35分 
th sword is in the upcoming mod Conan hyborian age unfortunately I think Steam cannot hold it as is too large, perhaps it might be able tohold the light version .
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