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Kriedler 27 apr 2013, ore 12:03
Other platforms?
Hey, I played the demo today and loved it. I re-played it, shared it on G+ and Facebook, and backed it like hell. Now, I'm just wondering if you guys had thought to add maybe Wii U or 3DS support at some point, maybe as a stretch goal? I named those two specifically because they seem like better fits than mobiles, X360 or the Vita. I'd love this on any console, but portable would rule.
Thanks, and good luck getting funded!
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igrossiter 27 apr 2013, ore 16:20 
I would love to see it on ps3 too
[4ACE] Mushroom C1oud 29 apr 2013, ore 14:07 
This would be a great game to give my kids on xbox live.
Pennywise 2 mag 2013, ore 12:00 
it will be great on xbox
Pat 5 mag 2013, ore 14:32 
On the MANvsGAME stream they just said they're talking to people regarding PS3/Vita but nothing decided.
sensorium7  [sviluppatore] 6 mag 2013, ore 14:26 
As Pat said, Sony has been very excited about getting ahold of Chasm. Nothing to confirm quite yet, but we're happy to get it on anything we can!
David 7 mag 2013, ore 16:23 
Get it on Vita as well if Sony is excited to get this!
deadering 9 mag 2013, ore 2:57 
Yeah, I'd rebuy it for Vita in a heart-beat. I just love platformers on it for some unknown reason.

Also it would be a great addition to OUYA. Should be right up your guys alley too!
sensorium7  [sviluppatore] 9 mag 2013, ore 10:01 
We'll be looking into Ouya here soon. I need to order one so I can start playing around with it. It should be able to handle the game without much problem, but I'd like to confirm before I announce anything.
Larry Crowne 12 mag 2013, ore 0:19 
playing this on my 3ds would be sweet
Sinking Meteor 16 mag 2013, ore 1:42 
I would love to see it on ps3 too [2]
Trunchbull 16 giu 2013, ore 6:04 
This looks more like a Nintendo DS game than a PC game to me. I don't know if it'd be worth trying to develop this for the 3DS, though.
so many ki 27 giu 2013, ore 15:46 
I would love to see it on ps3 too [3]
s_d 26 lug 2013, ore 23:29 
Linux & OUYA [2] would be great for me, personally
MRLEMONADEZ123 26 ago 2013, ore 22:44 
sensorium7  [sviluppatore] 26 ago 2013, ore 23:02 
Mac and Linux are already supported :)
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