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War Thunder
Bring War Thunder to Steam RIGHT NOW!
This is the discussion called "Bring War Thunder to Steam RIGHT NOW!" Feel free to subscribe. Here you can talk about all things War Thunder, and Steam powered, things you would like to see in the game, fixes, bugs, etc. Any posts here will be used to promote the topic "BRING WAR THUNDER TO STEAM RIGHT NOW!"
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Sergeant Gunny 3 sierpnia 2013 o 13:24 
This game is fun. It's Free to Play, so it should be on Steam RIGHT NOW.
cake1024 3 sierpnia 2013 o 20:03 
please put this game up on steam
Krökarn 4 sierpnia 2013 o 15:38 
Steam achievements <3 (and trading cards!)
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Entice | Jesus 4 sierpnia 2013 o 15:47 
put ths game on steam.... now
Sergeant Gunny 7 sierpnia 2013 o 9:51 
Update 1.33 just came out with the addition of all new planes, and the new plane modification system...Check it out right now at www.warthunder.com
Sergeant Gunny 19 sierpnia 2013 o 16:35 
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Wyświetlanie 1-6 z 6 komentarzy
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