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War Thunder
Do not add to Steam just yet!
This game has been going downhill and adding it to steam might cause some innocent users to waste money on a dieing game.

The Economy has been horrible and has been ignored even though the playerbase has been cut around by half. The Devs are planning to make the economy worse on top of that ignoring the real issues that the community have been pointing out for months. So you grind out late tier planes but you will literally never be able to fly them after 10 times because the repair costs will eat up all your ingame credits.

Nation balance and priority is still way off. Developers contradict themselfs in what methods of balance they take such as the plane tiering system that does not match by year of service which they have stated. Russian planes perform dramatically better than whats been stated from books and articles but Devs say the info they get are "classified" and can not release any stats on the Russain planes.

Warthunder forums are awful and heavily censored by subpar moderators that delete threads and posts with no backup at all. You literally cannot point out any of the corruption that is going on with the moderators as they can never investigate the issue and will never get back to you.

Warthunder is still in "beta" but does not take any feedback from the community. The Devs are disconnected with whats going on that untill things change with player to dev communication, Warthunder wont last long.
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