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War Thunder
rnkn-alba 7 jan 2013 à 5h21
downloading problem
i have the latest updater but it wont down load the game
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silverpreben 7 jan 2013 à 8h29 
I suggest you check your UDP ports.
Thorgrinson 18 jan 2013 à 7h22 
You can check your ports, but also you can download the game files via torrent, and apply it that way. It sucks, but doable.
fighterace0 22 jan 2013 à 9h34 
Same problem. It's not my firewall/ports. My dorm is blocking torrents as well as allowing the game to download via client because it's somehow also P2P based.
Tengiz 31 jan 2013 à 2h04 
Same here
The Tęa Mastęr 8 fév 2013 à 13h31 
ME 2 I can't download Games which hasn't the option to disable P2P completly, cause many Routers in Germany called "Fritz!Box" aren't able to use P2P. They shudown every time u try after ~20sec.
Same a Blizzard in they Patcher/Installer have implamentet, but they got the option to disable it
RisenGnom 9 fév 2013 à 2h54 
Yeah, looked on the WT forums, no solution -.- hoping for fix!
Kyle Ragnador 9 fév 2013 à 13h11 
Possible your router(modem) or ISP is blocking Torrent systems? The updater(launcher) is based on Torrent. I hope they will include an other way to update (for release). You should ask in their forum.
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