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War Thunder
rnkn-alba 7. tammi, 2013 5.21
downloading problem
i have the latest updater but it wont down load the game
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Dante 7. tammi, 2013 8.29 
I suggest you check your UDP ports.
Omega86 18. tammi, 2013 7.22 
You can check your ports, but also you can download the game files via torrent, and apply it that way. It sucks, but doable.
fighterace0 22. tammi, 2013 9.34 
Same problem. It's not my firewall/ports. My dorm is blocking torrents as well as allowing the game to download via client because it's somehow also P2P based.
Dengizik 31. tammi, 2013 2.04 
Same here
The Tęa Mastęr 8. helmi, 2013 13.31 
ME 2 I can't download Games which hasn't the option to disable P2P completly, cause many Routers in Germany called "Fritz!Box" aren't able to use P2P. They shudown every time u try after ~20sec.
Same a Blizzard in they Patcher/Installer have implamentet, but they got the option to disable it
RisenGnom 9. helmi, 2013 2.54 
Yeah, looked on the WT forums, no solution -.- hoping for fix!
Kyle Ragnador 9. helmi, 2013 13.11 
Possible your router(modem) or ISP is blocking Torrent systems? The updater(launcher) is based on Torrent. I hope they will include an other way to update (for release). You should ask in their forum.
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Kyle Ragnador; 9. helmi, 2013 13.12
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