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Legends of Dawn
◄mellanslag► 27 giu 2013, ore 9:24
LoD Steam key for Preorder
I have seen that the game will be released today, but when do we get our Steam keys (i have prordered the game on your homepage)?
And will we get a Steam-free version too?
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It looks like every pre-orderer is waiting on his/her Steam key. This is annoying.
AJ, Lord of Chaos 27 giu 2013, ore 10:53 
Yep that's not good. I could get it on steam now and have it. Now I've got to wait with no further knowledge whether I'm getting something at all and when. They could have set up the steam keys way before official release. I don't think the computer takes too long to generate some.
Jotne 27 giu 2013, ore 11:03 
So, after paying MORE than the game is going for on Steam and waiting for half a year beyond the deadline, the people who made it possible to finish this game by supporting the Kickstarter are the only ones not getting to play it?

Dreamatrix, this is ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. You lied about the deadline (no more than a month my ♥♥♥), you've consistently screwed things up, you wasted everyone's time by adding more crap instead of finishing the game like you should have, you overcharge the people who helped make the game possible (and lied to our faces - the Kickstarter page claims that $15 is a special, low price to thank the backers, in no uncertain terms) and screw us over once again by making us wait.

You're not just spitting on those who supported you, you've outright lied to us, time and again. This is fraud, plain and simple. Give me my damned key or, better yet, give me back my money. I regret ever trusting you bloody thieves and swindlers.

May your future endeavours end in ruin.
BlackCorsair 27 giu 2013, ore 11:15 
next dreamatrix project wont get my money on kickstrater, reasons are written by other people, as you see. it's that easy.
-Silver the Dragon- 27 giu 2013, ore 11:23 
That is just disgusting Dreamatrix you dont stand your word i pledged 35 Bucks got no report whatsoever ever taht you got my money paypal did report back you not.
now i see the game released on steam even cheaper than you did give it out for backers is that the way you handle things ? i got not even a report that you will bring out the game on steam today i noticed it by acdcident. if im really not get a key till tonight that was the last game i greenlighted as it seems some companys just joke with us the game is not even in my steamroster locked i would not shrug or say something but rn some people already play this game i am deeply sad how this was handled today.
Montezano 27 giu 2013, ore 12:51 
Yeah, I've just seen on some forum that the game has been released. The least that any backer expected was to receive a friggin e-mail about the release. Not to mention the fact that we were not the first to get the keys. Sad
Nijuu 27 giu 2013, ore 16:53 
Those looking for their keys go to the humblebundle site and use your login their. The steamkey is listed under Claim Past Purchases, and u can redeem your steamkey. However i still dont know whats happened with DRM free version as its not listed :(
Intellectus Prime 28 giu 2013, ore 9:40 
Preorderd from their site too.Is there any info on when we're getting the keys?
◄mellanslag► 28 giu 2013, ore 9:44 
Go on their Facebook page, there you can find a link to the humblestore, there you can get the key
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Abriggzy 29 giu 2013, ore 18:10 
Same goes for the announcements page on here
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