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Legends of Dawn
doomowl 6 mrt 2013 om 3:25vm
Pre Orders stuff~~
Hi i had make an preorder at here http://www.dreamatrix.net/site/index.php/store/legends-of-dawn-store.html by using pay pal, and i had an receipt of paypal too, but i jz wondering izzit my payment u guys received yet?? coz i haven got any reply and e-mail from DREAMATRIX yet~~
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Elk Hunt 21 mrt 2013 om 7:07nm 
I too gave at a level that said digital download have recieved nothing in the way of accepting my payment except for paypal. I sent an email to aurofinity@live.com requesting information as too my next step and have heard nothing. That email was listed as the contact email for the donations coordinator.
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doomowl 21 mrt 2013 om 7:11nm 
ya i got the respond from them already, but it really take a long time to respond us~~ btw, i think your payment would be save like my, coz they grantee to me already, so jz feel patient to wait their respond~~
alivewire 2 apr 2013 om 11:20vm 
I just plegded for the game and though pay-pal and got a email back fast,so id just keep looking for said email or post something on kickstarter to see if you can get a respone..
Elk Hunt 2 apr 2013 om 9:05nm 
Still have heard nothing from Dreamatrix or legends of dawn.
doomowl 3 apr 2013 om 3:59vm 
maybe u should try to email them and ask??
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