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Legends of Dawn
studmuffin 27 fév 2013 à 6h24
Well..you got my money
thought i would help you guys along..i dont have much but i bought the digital copy of the game for $15 from your website..p.s dont rush..i only want to start playing tomorrow
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DreamatrixTeam  [développeur] 27 fév 2013 à 12h01 
studmuffin, thx
=DooM= 26 mai 2013 à 7h07 
Jotne 27 juin 2013 à 11h42 
Welcome to The Suckers' Club, mate.
studmuffin 27 juin 2013 à 11h49 
yeah looks like i got suckered like so many.i dint make it to the kickstarter but i thought i would help them along being an independant company..i understand with small companies that mistakes can happen.but dreamatrix have litterally kept everyone in the dark on this.i am willing to give them a few days to sort it..but its their sheer lack of communication that disappoints me.
Faust 17 sept 2013 à 10h00 
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