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War For The Overworld
Bāngild 28 gen 2013, ore 6:50
Can the devs say what role the "Overworld" plays in the game? So far it looks to be firmly seated below ground.
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Bob 31 gen 2013, ore 11:38 
perhaps you just have to work your way out of the ground. who knows, but I do know it will be amazing no matter what.
Behemoth 31 gen 2013, ore 12:03 
I like
SADevil 1 feb 2013, ore 2:22 
Information from WFTO Community FAQ[]:
"The concept of Overworld gameplay was toyed with by the developers however they felt that it would detract from the gameplay too much. There are plans for Campaign specific features such as Empire Castles and the current plan is to reveal details about this in the future. It is likely any such implementation would be indirect to not detract from gameplay."
Bāngild 1 feb 2013, ore 4:19 
That's good; I don't mind it not being included, because it's still like all the released dungeon keepers. It's just quite silly having a feature in the games name, but not in the game itself. :P
SADevil 1 feb 2013, ore 5:22 
It is a part of Dungeon Keeper 3's name, so that's why they want to keep this title, I guess.
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Peetfighter 16 feb 2013, ore 9:11 
Maybe the final level will be above the ground.
Teutorix 5 mar 2013, ore 21:27 
I think i read that they may have a smaller overworld campaign secondary to the main one
lotr248 27 mar 2013, ore 18:36 
i didnt really rate the demo that much they will have to pump up the excitment in the game to make me buy it
hnmitch 2 apr 2013, ore 6:36 
I would imaginge you will build dungeons on key points of the campaign map and complete objectives in each that will allow your underlord to take over the overworld of each area without actually having the game played there.
SADevil 4 apr 2013, ore 4:20 
This is exactly how it was in Dungeon Keeper 2. Except Overworld wasn't involved in process, because entrance to it was an objective of all campaign. But on global map it was looking like you conquer land by land to King's Castle.
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onebassplayer 29 apr 2013, ore 23:18 
it is still in alpha so they can change it at any point
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