Run For Your Lives
aesp51 2014年3月5日下午3:14
what about other factions / mobs
would it be possible to make this for other mobs like all the associates of vampires (with an exclusion for serana) and theives and bandits, etc..
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Fox News 2014年3月16日下午5:23 
i dont thinks so maby thiefs but anyone who can fight sould
iggy102 3月4日上午8:34 
I dont know I think it should work for most invasion types, even grimlens XD
Hobbesman45 3月4日上午9:49 
Maybe mudcrabs! More wildlife based enemies could run like the animals do.
modernsilver1 5月7日下午11:48 
Idea: maybe for enemy factions (ie: if you just ticked off an entire city and a dragon attacks) maybe you and the enemy factions could form a temporally truce, (their attacks could still harm you) until you kill the dragon. They would return back to their hostile mode 5-10 seconds after the dragon soul is absorbed. (city guards would attempt to recapture you before attacking) The only exception would be Frost Trolls and maybe werewolves(wolf form only. Doesn't count for any of the companion Werewolves) due to their low intellagence. They would either continue to fight you and ignore the dragon, take cover while you fight the dragon, or just flat out run for their lives.
However, for lesser hostile mobs, such as theives or bandits they could run for shelter. After you kill the dragon, you could sit back and watch the guards kill them, or let them lose unless they decide to attack you or the guard. (ie if they were a hired thug for a city where you are a wanted criminal.)
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