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Chaz 30. loka, 2013 14.06
2 More days Til . . .
Hooray, we made it to the end of the year. The projection was around November so I guess we can assume we'll have a projected release date and or time frame.

I also like to see an update on how much you have accomplished in developement and what progress you've made in all that legal red tape and stuff.
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cant wait XD
2 day
Chaz 1. marras, 2013 14.28 
I'm ready, let's Game on.

I'm ready to be scared pissless.

I'm ready to steal some Souls

Opps, disregard that last one Mwa HaHaHaHaaHaa
Digital Happiness  [kehittäjä] 2. marras, 2013 5.24 
Hi chaz, hi guys..yes we will announce something in a couple days..teaser and some other stuff :) thanks again
XD udah kebelet maen
Chaz 2. marras, 2013 6.16 
OMG I <3 teasers. Hungry for horror! Thanks man.
*bounce bounce* We gets to play a scary games. Can't waits!!! Can't wait for the teasers too!!
Sigard 8. marras, 2013 3.17 
www.dreadout.com Website is in updating mode! WAITING
Chaz 8. marras, 2013 14.14 
That's very Sexy.
Sigard 9. marras, 2013 3.38 
Hi! I'm Ivan from Indonesia, i have the leaked website on facebook. maaf team digital happiness kalau bocor. peacee!!! :) :) Look at "Recent Posts by Others on Dreadoutgame" then look for my name.
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Söze 9. marras, 2013 9.52 
Gak sabar nih pengen main
Sigard 9. marras, 2013 23.22 
akhir november katanya!? boleh dipercepat gak? kalo bisa 19 November! soalnya pas di ulang tahunku ! ;)
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Sigard; 9. marras, 2013 23.32
Fireeye 16. marras, 2013 6.40 
Awesome. I almost feared the game had gone into development hell after we haven't heard anything about it for such a long time.
deimon21 17. marras, 2013 4.06 
this is probably a bit of a good news. i found this manga/comic in a bookstore nearby. i think this is the one that they will give to contributors on indiegogo
Viimeisin muokkaaja on deimon21; 17. marras, 2013 4.21
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