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Sumdum Takeda 17 декември 2012 в 11:52 следобед
What character/creature would you most want to play and why/how?
Not sure how this translates to Topia but, and many friends are with me here, I'm a digger. I love to explore caverns, mine minerals, carve out caves, and just generally explore the interior of whatever terran object I seem to be on. Hence I mostly expect to be playing a dwarf when I get the chance and digging my way to riches under the earth ;) So what if I unleash the first ever dragon upon the world because I dug into their lair? lol
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Sumdum Takeda 18 декември 2012 в 12:59 сутринта 

If you need a starting point.
Ryn'age The Runetracer 18 декември 2012 в 3:43 сутринта 
With that many brains Philosophy becomes second nature, furthermore there are too many people playing as Dragons, Warewolves, Vampires.ect in my opinion, and besides, everybody knows a hydra can kill a dragon in hand to hand combat
(Not counting the flamethrowing)

They are also immune to aging, most poisons(Non-magical), venoms, acid, did i forget to mention they are amphibious? Also, some say they spit acid, though considering what the Hydra already has... No...
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Deep Sea Undead Man 19 декември 2012 в 1:07 сутринта 
Reason giant slimebot
Sumdum Takeda 19 декември 2012 в 1:19 сутринта 
Im actually leaning more towards just the undead now. The idea of creating a real-time contagion that gains strength as it spreads and isn't treated just sounds too hilarious ;) Nevermind going all Night of the Living dead on some poor village and growing your horde.
Vilecat 19 декември 2012 в 11:34 сутринта 
I'd pick something that isn't human, but isn't purely evil. Most probably anything sentient between the Tier 2 and 4, although being a slime could be hilarious. I really hope there'll be more races implemented eventually somehow. The idea of having different "levels" of the same creature is quite interesting too.

I can totally see myself running a small shop or something in that game, or growing things.
A_Possum 19 декември 2012 в 4:27 следобед 
Satyr. Definitely make a Dionysian/Panic Cult and run around the forest in drunken stupors, luring maidens to sacred places of orgiastic revelry.... hmm... need cultists...
shakey2 19 декември 2012 в 7:41 следобед 
Clockwork, I love steampunk and mechanical things. It'd be cool if I could upgrade my character's parts and tinker with it :o
Koga Wolfe 19 декември 2012 в 10:59 следобед 
I like wolves the most, would love to make my own pack and build their den.
Karuda 26 декември 2012 в 8:01 сутринта 
I would be a vampire. End of.
Piroska 29 декември 2012 в 2:30 сутринта 
Drider, satyr, vampire, ghost, minotaur, elemental, dragon .... I may need more character slots lol!
GreenScorpion 30 декември 2012 в 6:29 сутринта 
Naga dont transform into anything? I would like to see them transform into medusa and hydra (as requested by Rynage). I would also like trolls, ogres, ettin, and giants. Maybe some high elves and wood elves, too.
Unlock the Bront 7 януари 2013 в 11:47 следобед 
Definately Elemental.
Smoothie Lyra don't care 13 януари 2013 в 9:51 следобед 
I think it might be fun to try surviving as a 'creature' for a time. Wolf or spider, also slimes after reading how they work in this. Fear my colour changing abilities!
Sumdum Takeda 13 януари 2013 в 10:25 следобед 
Yeah, so many possibilites as I read more about creatures :P Love the idea of "changing forms", hope they have that with other creatures as well to gain/lose traits.
TheTrumpeter 17 януари 2013 в 6:32 следобед 
Clockwork! I have no idea what it's strengths/weaknesses are, but I like the name and I've always been facinated by steampunk/clockwork design.
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