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Mortal Online: The Awakening
DaenaSla Oct 2, 2013 @ 3:59am
This not f2p game THIS system (60 points skills) is third-rate and dont real normal play for this game
I play this game OBT(this sustem free trial 30 days and 60 points skills) and play F2P model now(this 60 points skills), but i see this not F2P game for F2P users because no real chance:
1. not normal pvp (u loss all time) because u need skills 70+ point For use have armor or u Speed(60%) and damage(60%) This not real normal game - this only lose and delate this game

2. Bad crafting - I use 30000 granum (60% metalurgy) and i have only 100 pig iron, 100 pig iron its very litle grain steel and very very litle normal resources - steel. Its not reason craft system for F2P players - its very long time and very hard to work.

This game only third-rate for F2P - I was trying to play this - THIS PLAY NOT REAL - U LOSE U TIME and delete this game about how I.

THIS BADLY F2P model in this game I've seen for all time play F2P model games.

Dont lose u time dont play this!
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