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Mortal Online: The Awakening
Fox Jan 14, 2014 @ 7:34pm
I stream MO and I have this to say.
I think the biggest short coming of MO is its current installation process. I am looking forward to when it is more widely available to others through Steam. Ease of access is so important to me that I typically specialize in the early parts of gaming in MMO or online games. Starting out can be scary, but MO is such a rich expierence where your hand isn't being held, that it is worth getting on NOW.

Continue to support MO development and we won't be disappointed.

For those looking at this here are a few tips:

1. Know the flagging system:

In towns such as Tindrem (starting area with tutorial), you have relative saftey, if you are familiar with flagging of criminal statuses. When you start the tutorial you are a GOLD status, you cannot be harmed by other players, but be warned, if you attack someone you are fair game. Once your tutorial ends, you are a BLUE, or innocent person" You can enjoy walking through heavily guarded areas without raising any suspcion from the NPC guards. However, if you steal or attack another blue (even if they intentionally step in the way of your attacks (also known as "blueblocking")) you will be flagged as GREY. If in town, the gaurds will attack you if they are called or they see you. You have a slim chance of running away and most likely will die. If in the wilds or out of sight of guards, you are now free prey to other players. They will not suffer any penalty for attacking and looting you. If a person decides to walk a darker path, they can kill other players, if they commit a murder of a blue, that victim may elect to report the murder through a murder count promt that appears upon death. If a murderer receives 5 of these they will be permantly marked as RED. This character will not be able to enter tow safetly, but some kind find away into a towns less guarded back alley slums. So be careful where you tred.

2. Enjoy your first f2p character with the current good build:

Pick race: Pure bred Veela, and train as a spear/shield user. Get into combat and learn blocking mechanics (left block, middle block, and right block). Its tempting to try to get into crafting right away, but a combative character will show you what all those crafts are going towards. You'll know whats in demand firstly, and what to spend time developing. This will help you learn the basics of the game before jumping into more complicated waters. The crafting system is one of the best features of the game, and widely varible. You can create a large amount of combinations with recipes being closely guarded secrets. You'll find that documentation on crafting in MO is not as forthcoming as other games with simple crafting mechnics.

3: Learn about guilds

Some will help you and some will kill you. Its not all black and white. The first friendly guild I met are reknowned PKers (player killers) or allied with PKers. GUTS and TG, some of these guys are the nicest I've met. While some that oppose PKing can be rude and abbrasive (not to name names). Not all of them recruit newbies, but its good to learn the big names. Use to reference characters and guilds.

4. Join a guild that accepts newbies or a mentor.

Get off the default /help chat when you can and start learning from trusted sources. Develop realtionships, for no man or woman is an island in Mortal Online.

About the OP:

My handle is Fox Tango and I stream on (see some videos as well at I am pretty new to the game myself, but have played games like this in the past (such as UO). MO is amazing fun and I have fun streaming it and catching fights. Be sure to check out the forums on the Mortal Online website for more information from players.