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Mortal Online: The Awakening
BL - Maci 3 stycznia 2014 o 14:57
So... when?
I played this about a year ago on Desura. I really enjoyed it & I will mostly like start playing again soon. But when will it actually hit Steam? It would attract a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ of new players and a easier start for newbies - as there are many newbies then :p
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barbell 13 stycznia 2014 o 1:51 
+1 tired of waiting for access to the steam.
Knight 14 stycznia 2014 o 2:08 
When? never!!!!
alec_rod 14 stycznia 2014 o 16:02 
When? never!!!!
What the♥♥♥♥♥♥you write? Why never? It's one of the best game in history!!!
Natural_ 30 marca 2014 o 21:03 
Alec I'm guessing you have played the game lemme ask you a few questions, does the game take a while to get far into and the hang of like getting good weapons and armor? how is the playerbase? is it populated? Thanks
When? never!!!!
What the♥♥♥♥♥♥you write? Why never? It's one of the best game in history!!!
BL - Maci 31 marca 2014 o 7:53 
Im playing / have played the game too, so it's quite easy to get a good armor, mostly like even for free atleast if you make some friends. The game is populated well enough but a lil push through steam would be appreciated to get moar fresh blood on the battlefield.
Tindrem (Main city) is always busy getting busier in the evening

Its pretty easy to get into

Though the amount of content can be daunting at first

The community is incredibly nice so if you get stuck just ask in /help and someone will reply if you get confused with anything
Octopus Men 5 kwietnia 2014 o 22:11 
They are making the game better and more appealing to noobs before releasing it on steam
So many sandbox mmos coming out

The longer they wait the bigger the competition

Archeage out soon and looks a lot more polished

Gloria Victis is out now (Early accessish) not played dunno what its like

And then theres that kickstarter one i cant remember the name of

They all offer very similar things

Im gonna give archeage a go when its out

So i imagine a lot of others will be making the jump
BL - Maci 6 kwietnia 2014 o 5:13 
There's no games thats really coming close to the feeling of Mortal Online, the only game I think is kinda smiliar to it is ES:O, and the more I play ES:O the more I wish there was a combination of Mortal Online and ES:O ... man they would be really awesome together.
AlexFDR ☬⁔☬ 22 kwietnia 2014 o 0:20 
When? never!!!!
What the♥♥♥♥♥♥you write? Why never? It's one of the best game in history!!!

he was clearly talking about how this game was green lit almost a year ago and it hasn't been released yet.
MAJO ✅ 25 kwietnia 2014 o 22:13 
BL - Maci 28 sierpnia 2014 o 8:48 
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