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Terrorhedron 3D Co-op Tower Defense
madjunir Feb 16, 2014 @ 8:35am
linux / steamOS ?
As a linux geek, you sold me with "programmable" turrets :D

Anyway I also saw your Reddit post.

Even though that other TD game offered linux support I didn't vote for them since Am against shameless plugs and/or spamming other projects.

Anyway as for the difficulties of greenlight, Valve said on the Steam Dev days that they're planning to Evolve Greenlight. Great conference and they finally posted all those great videos / presentations on different topics including multiplatform support:
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Deltars  [developer] Mar 3, 2014 @ 10:49am 
Thanks for this.

We are aware how much it can help to tailor your game to a distributors platform, and that is our plan. The Steamworks SDK is openly available but you can't do much with it until you get a Steam App ID number, which Valve won't give out until they decide they will distribute you.

Once we get approved, we will look at rolling out to SteamOS, adding controller support, adding achievements, etc. One limitation is that we use Nvidia Physx 2.8.x which doesn't support Linux (despite them promising to add support for over a year). This means we have to replace the physics code with bullet or our own to do a linux release, which will take a little time. The Windows version is obviously ready to go. We need to get approved before we can justify the time required to port to Linux.

Thanks for the support, and the advice! It is much appreciated.

Best wishes,


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