Tämä peli on nyt saatavilla Steamissä!

Kiitos, että autoit tätä peliä pääsemään Steamiin! Lisätietoja sekä linkin kauppasivulle löydät alta.

Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards: Reloaded
Okay Larry is Greenlight
Now that Larry is greenlight, gimme a date I can expect to buy LL1 Reloaded. So I can make plans to take a day or two off.
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DarkVamp 15. helmi, 2013 15.25 
Still waiting for my STEAM Alpha key :-(
tomimt 17. helmi, 2013 2.02 
For those without alpha access, a friendly soul has posted a small alpha footage video in Youtube. Lots of unfnished stuff in it, like placeholder graphics, no voice acting and what not, but the game seems to be coming together nicely.

I missed the kick starter offer. 8(
sure cant f****** wait :))))))))))))))
mrward99 22. helmi, 2013 22.37 
it'll be awesome
Sure it will, that's a classic game
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