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Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards: Reloaded
2MON 2012. dec. 7. @ de. 11:53
Hey! Hey! How about Steam Achivements?
Achievements with girls, easter eggs, jokes, slot machine and something more.
Yeah this is quest, but why not. Deponia have achievements, LSL could do it too.
PS: Sorry if this questions already have been discussed in official forum.
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Omhz 2012. dec. 7. @ du. 12:09 
Beat_Elite 2012. dec. 7. @ du. 12:44 
Steam achievements are always nice
shivars 2012. dec. 7. @ du. 1:20 
+1 to this (has also been requested via the Kickstarter stuff - I think they were going to look into it but was early days at the time). Would make a big difference to me - although i've backed it on Kickstarter anyway so have kinda already bought it.
Dunther 2012. dec. 7. @ du. 7:59 
Christmas Elite eredeti hozzászólása:
Steam achievements are always nice
(GoR) Starosta 2012. dec. 7. @ du. 9:53 
Challah Bread 2012. dec. 7. @ du. 11:00 
Nothing like showing the world your stats for a game like this. I say +1!
dirtywhirlwind 2012. dec. 8. @ de. 12:44 
I say nah.
Well, personally I don't care. So naturally I don't want anyone else to have it either.

(although I'm sure it will have achievements anyway)

Edit: On second thought, if Al Lowe would come up with the achievement descriptions I could get behind it.
Legutóbb szerkesztette: dirtywhirlwind; 2012. dec. 8. @ de. 12:48
Scolaro 2012. dec. 8. @ de. 1:03 
Must have! +1
2MON 2012. dec. 8. @ de. 1:37 
"dirtywhirlwind: On second thought, if Al Lowe would come up with the achievement descriptions I could get behind it."

Good point!
Dwaifu 2012. dec. 8. @ de. 8:41 
Must Have too! +1
RaeBaer 2012. dec. 8. @ de. 9:32 
Circuitry 2012. dec. 8. @ de. 9:32 
Ohhh yes achievements! +1
Kabraxis 2012. dec. 8. @ du. 4:11 
I don't care but would be nice for some achievement hunters.
Motoki 2012. dec. 8. @ du. 7:46 
On most serious games I don't care about achievements so much but on the more humorous games I like seeing what sort of types and titles of achievements the developer can come up with. Sometimes it gets quite creative.

Plus I think it just in general shows some thought and effort on tailoring the game for Steam and the community here vs just doing the bare minimum and putting it for sale as is.
GRIMland 2012. dec. 8. @ du. 9:13 
+1 for achievements
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