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Winter Warmth
=TCC= DO$H May 5, 2013 @ 1:19pm
I think the stats should be:
+ 25% faster movement speed
+ 25% max health
- 45% damage resistance to fire
When activated: Regenerates all health to nearby teammates (and you).
Blocks healing.

If you have another idea just post it down in the comments
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wot Aug 25, 2013 @ 12:28pm 
Sarmin The Charmin' Jan 29 @ 6:11pm 
(E) = just if equipped
After activation, allies gets instant 20 health points and 10 sec. of regenaration
+20% more health
+25% knockback resistance (Airblasts, Force-a-Natures, Rockets et cetera)
(E)Regenerates 5 health points per second to you

(E)-10% slower movement (The whole backpack n stuff slows down)
-10% dmg resistance
The activation holds you at one point (maybe an animation for it, like the fresh brewed victory taunt?)
Medics heal -50% slower and Kits give you -50% less health back

The charge meter gets higher through you getting healed (too difficult?)

P.S. Hot Chocolate is delicious!
Commander Barbecue Jan 30 @ 8:22am 
When Equipted +5 regen and 10% more health and when using the item all allies weps catch enemies on fire but user cant switch from the wep for that time.... idk seems cool
Servbot2000 Jan 30 @ 5:05pm 
+ 100% HP restoration
+ Cures all debuffs
+ Can be drank as if you were eating a sandvich (Rage or anything is not needed)
-Cant recharge
-Only has 1 use
=However, it CAN be refilled at an locker.
TheBluSkeleton Jan 30 @ 5:08pm 
+25 Speed
+35 Health
+5 Fire Resistance
-Weapon Slot
-Disables Ubercharge
-No Team Effects
+Drinking Noise
+Steam From Cup
+Useable In The "Fresh Brewd Victory" Taunt
Dex Jan 31 @ 12:47pm 

It's like a Sandvich
-Heals 100% of max health
-Can be thrown onto allies (Heals them 75% of their max health)


Dissapears on ground
No banner
Blocks healing
Gooey Slender Ferret Jan 31 @ 4:44pm 
Passive Buff: Less afterburn duration and Regenaration while on fire

Activated Buff: All nearby allies and you gain ignite to all weapons, weapons the already ignite natuarlly mini-crit instead

Bar gains slowly through damage done, and quickly while on fire.
LAUGHING SOLDIER Jul 27 @ 12:15am 
On activation: Healing buff to all teamates near you
On ativation: +20% speed
On activation: Only you will deal less damage
-30% less fire resistance
Gains bar charge through assited kills
Goliath Jul 28 @ 11:40am 
+15% Fire resistance
Meter is filled by damage dealt. When you drink the hot chocolate (blowing a trumpet or conch) health is restored 25% and players within the radius get +34% fire resistance and get +7 health a second.
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