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Kraft Dinner May 1, 2013 @ 3:57pm
Game Dev perspective request
I'm a web programmer of 10 years, but I'm also treking into game design as I've gotten a Spriter recently. If I remember correctly Neon is being made in Unity.

I'm working on a 2D game, so far my perspective is that for a 2D Projects SFML > SDL because of the object oriented structure, do you have any library you reccomend, or thoughts / links on this? I hear XNA is EOL and retiring soon so I've passed that option.

I'm under the impression that C# is the de-facto game language right now because of the general flexability and .NET library, in your opinion is it a good break-in language?

Also, I'm having trouble finding a IDE that really does its job well without being a overcomplicated mess, I recently moved from Notepad++ to Sublime Text 2 which aren't IDEs, but am interested in Mono Develop as well as Eclipse, is there any specific IDEs you really like that work well for you?

If you have the time to give me some advice or feedback I'd greatly appreciate it. :)
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Paul  [developer] Jun 25, 2013 @ 8:53am 
Whooah. I have to apologise for not noticing this sooner. Steam usually flags up all new posts but it never notified me of this one. Although Electric Prism has been in the alpha test and a friend on Steam since around the time this was posted I still wanted to make a reply here.

I have little to no personal experience with 2D games in recent years. However I've heard good things about using Futile combined with Unity. Unity comes with MonoDevelop and it does it's job perfectly well and integrates nicely with Unity. Once a script change is saved Unity will automatically recompile it. Errors in Unity can also be double clicked to highlight the offending line back in MonoDevelop.

As for C#. It's a good choice I believe. When I first started working with Unity to create Neon, I plumped for javascript because it was the most familiar language to me. In retrospect I wish I'd taken the time to familiarize myself with C#. It's not that javascript is bad but C# does have some advantages.
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