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Slenderman's Shadow
Ultra_swimmer 6 DIC 2012 a las 0:51
Will there be extras ?
Is there going to be extras when you beat a map, like a new flashlight, or a new glowstick color?
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--. 6 DIC 2012 a las 4:48 
I think the Graphic
ImaginationTrex 6 DIC 2012 a las 14:47 
Publicado originalmente por L๏Ξ ッ》:
I think the Graphic
Nope, they are not making the new graphics a reward for beating one of the maps
Zombie McQueen 8 JUN 2013 a las 17:33 
I like to see maybe more environments unlocked as you go on, something like a developing exploration.
filipe.lao 10 JUN 2013 a las 14:14 
I think it should have...
UnderSSon 28 JUN 2013 a las 7:36 
So scary game)
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