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Adventures of DaKoo the Dragon
CussOven 1 DIC 2012 a las 21:04
Ideas To Make Dakoo The Dragon More Unique
Dakoo himself needs some work. He's not very special. And sometimes he doesn't even fit the environments he is in. For example, in one stage you are underwater. Dakoo has a fireball attack, correct? Well...how does THAT work? I mean, I know it's a game, but it just comes off being something the developer never thought about. The poor thing doesn't even have wings! That's one reason why dragons are so cool!

Even his NAME is inconsistent! (You typed "Drakoo" instead of "Dakoo"...) This poor dragon...thing...really needs some love.

The story needs some work too... It's...pretty cookie cutter. Consider something like this: Dakoo is like the ugly ducking because he has no wings. Nobody loves him, so poor Dakoo runs away from his home village in search of someone who will love him for who he is. Then, maybe, somehow, Dakoo finds that he is actually special because he lacks the thing all dragons have. Kinda like Ruldolph. The only problem here is...I'm not sure how lacking wings could be special...ehehehe... ^^" I dunno, it's just an idea.
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Licentious Howler 1 DIC 2012 a las 21:06 
It doesn't look bad really--looks like you're even fixing things based upon what people say--always a plus... (I like the sound effects too!)

May I reccomend something about the 'catch' of this game...?

I think back to Ristar (the Shooting Star)--an old 90's platformer by Sonic Team that did everything so unbelievably well that designers could easily base a freaking case study around it; Ristar had abilities that really made sense to him: he had stretchy arms, which is weird at first, but the things you could do with those arms felt so right, and flying in between planets really helped to fulfill that role, and finally, the most special ability in the game was using them on a trapese-esque bar to fling yourself to the skies--you essentially could BE a shooting star!

I feel like this game needs a lot more of that--you don't need to change Dakoo's design, but maybe his levels: I think it should really focus more around what it means to be a dragon (and maybe THEN some more oddball moves/gimmicks) and all the possibilities more so than just jumping on enemies--even Mario at least had powerups on top of that!

There should be more things like the fireballs, maybe like using his tail, or a powerup that gives the wingless lizard flight (until you lose it?), and maybe something that will change him into a larger dragon as a desperation move...? Maybe he has a friendly knight who will help him in times of need...? Those combos could seem much more enjoyable with the power of a dragon at the player's disposal--and it doesn't need to be graphic really--no more than the fireballs are.

Just some more things like that, and this game could really seem something special.
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AndersPCplayer 3 DIC 2012 a las 14:28 
For me, it's too for children.
Advice: a dragon with a neck, improves the wallpapers & fixed objects detail , a charging bar fire, a attack's claw, if you want you can use a ground lava and a cave.
For a platform you must choose the type of platform you want to create, a fast gameplay like sonic, or adventure like donkey kong where you need more skill, if you want create a 2d platform-shooter you need more dragon ability.

One idea may be to equip the dragon different sources that can be used on several occasions to destroy the rocks present in some levels, you will need to activate new passages. For the history of departure is not the bad idea of CussOven maybe you can get everything from a hobbit or a dwarf who takes away the wings. The dragon because he feels excluded from his herd or because he wants to take revenge out on his journey. he can meet knights and wizards, or if you do not use a medieval setting he can meet animals with humanoid features. Given the quality of some Steam's indie games here is much work to be done.
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Hamazaki1991 7 DIC 2012 a las 0:04 
I for one, would most definitely work to improve the original character's design. It really, really, needs some "coolness" and "cuteness" embeded into it. It's too careless. I think it could be done easily. And I am not just saying this, I am a designer myself. Contact me if you want, and I can work with you to improve the character design.

And I also agree with what CussOven said. Every bit.

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Calebc789c 8 DIC 2012 a las 17:09 
Dakoo is a great character for a start, but there are alot of inconsistencies and alot of bland areas to him. the game itself is also pretty bland when i look at it.

Though he is a great start for a good video game Protagonist, I just dont see much redeeming quality to him, hes pretty much 1-Dimensional in terms of character, you can see him, but he dosent speak, he dosent have a fine appearance, and he literally has no personality to speak of.

Though this idea is pretty generic, I would give him a Curious and Naive character design, and maybe get him a voice actor or have him talk a few times so that the player could be able to make a better connection with the character.
Calebc789c 8 DIC 2012 a las 18:01 
Just got some new ideas for Dakoo, plus a new possible gameplay feature.

Dakoo was a simple dragon who grew up in a village, but he was usually frowned upon for his lack of wings, which everyone else had. One of his few friends, a Dragoness named Clo (I need a better name :P) sometimes took him to a secluded spot where she would teach him something not many dragons even bother to learn: Archery, mainly doing this to pass the time. (this part needs some fixing aswell, I cant seem to find a good motive to give for Clo to train Dakoo Archery)

When the Mad Scientest attacked and took most of the villagers, All that Dakoo was left with was Clo's Basic wooden bow.

Dakoo would also have a Curious and Naive personality as I mentioned before, and also should have a voice actor or atleast some small textboxes so that players can get to know him more.

The bow would also develop some new gameplay features that will make this game atleast somewhat more unique: Dakoo would be able to use the bow by finding and collecting arrows around the level, sometimes the bow might be necessary to solving Puzzles that randomly present themselves in each level.

Thats all I really got for now. I hope this idea is good enough, what do you guys think? None of the video gaming industry ever seemed to think of a Dragon ARCHER. its a very original concept that, if executed properly, could develop Dakoo very well. :D
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Janklod 27 DIC 2013 a las 6:41 
DOXJIbIu 8 FEB 2014 a las 9:58 
кто-то в такое играет?
× 24 FEB 2014 a las 17:14 
this game for children its ok..
JohnDoe 31 MAY 2014 a las 14:44 
Daigox3000 6 JUL 2014 a las 22:50 
I for one, would most definitely work to improve the original character's design. It really, really, needs some "coolness" and "cuteness" embeded into it. It's too careless. I think it could be done easily. And I am not just saying this, I am a designer myself. Contact me if you want, and I can work with you to improve the character design.

And I also agree with what CussOven said. Every bit.
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