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Darkfall Unholy Wars
YaYa 25 kwietnia 2013 o 11:24
Why 15€ per month ?
I would purchase this game 60-70 euros and it would be great.

Paying 40€ + 15€ per month is too much, c'mon realise.
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Deerhunter 25 kwietnia 2013 o 12:48 
Agreed - they are charging AAA price and the game is missing a lot of content. They do seem to be making some progress though.
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HadesGR 25 kwietnia 2013 o 12:58 
Agreed - they are charging AAA price and the game is missing a lot of content. At least have the content in before you charge AAA price.... Still tons of bugs left over from beta.
Ohhh its you again! The most failed troll! ROFL! Jesus, get a grip man or get a life
YaYa 25 kwietnia 2013 o 13:14 
Guys why don't you create a 60€ game with payed extension.

This game is just new, it's not like the BlockBuster game, you need people to come, I would come for cheaper and my friends too.

At least do something for the first members in order to launch the game.

The game seems realy interesting, we don't know yet if we can let 40+15€/months yet.
Mlbfan 28 kwietnia 2013 o 17:48 
I wouldn't mind paying $60 for the game, but $15 a month after the fact is too much. Can't this game just use an optional microtransaction store as Guild Wars has done?
Deerhunter 2 maja 2013 o 14:00 
Agreed - they are charging AAA price and the game is missing a lot of content. At least have the content in before you charge AAA price.... Still tons of bugs left over from beta.
Ohhh its you again! The most failed troll! ROFL! Jesus, get a grip man or get a life

Failed troll? They just made a post today stating the content that was supposed to be in "immediately" after launch is at least still a few weeks away. So it will have been over a month after launch. Looks like I was correct on missing content.
Since you all seem to be ignorant on the subject of F2P I guess I'll attempt to educate you to the best of my abilities, but I'm terrible at explaining things to people and haven't got much sleep the last few days, so if you have a question then ask and I'll try to answer it.

F2P is only good for the company running an MMO, they don't have to put money into making a quality experience and also save money by having low funding on everything in the game from content, to the support desk, to the teams that do bug squashing, to quality, etc.

See where I'm going here?

Basically they are saving a ton of money on the content and support and staff etc, and making even more money from the people that buy stuff from the shops, so anyone who plays F2P is getting screwed over.
The community also suffers too, you get a bunch of unintelligent kids acting up and causing problems in the game because there's no way to ban them and the GM's won't do a thing about it because there's hardly any so they have to deal with other stuff, and really just don't care.

The immersion suffers a lot too if you like your game to suck you into another world.

And you will end up paying more over time than you would for a real P2P MMO.

And us players have no power over the devs with F2P.

With P2P the company running the game has to do everything they can to please us so they can get our sub fee, and they also have to offer a sub worthy MMO, like a country club, so they have to pump out content, make a quality game with frequent bug fixes, they have to communicate with the community, have a decent support desk, etc, and all you have to pay to get everything in the game is $15 a month, that's 50 cents a day for an amazing complete gameplay experience. No one is going to be better than you in the game because they have more money than you, and you will save so much more money by playing P2P because F2P is actually built entirely to be a scam.

Please, if you see someone saying the ignorant things like you all are saying you should share this info, this ignorance is killing MMO gaming and needs to be stopped.

It's much clearer here in this old comment of mine when I had clear mind from a good nights sleep. lol

" I don't get why you would defend this payment model unless you are a freeloader or you hold some stock in a F2P company.

F2P is only good for the company and the freeloaders, the actual players are getting robbed.

Basically with subs you're paying to be part of a Country Club that has everything you need included in the monthly price. You're paying for a garanteed quality experience with subs.

With F2P you're sitting in a run down park in the projects waiting to get robed and there's drug dealers everywhere spamming to sell you gold, and the cops don't bother to come and ban them because they would only be back a few hrs later.

It is really disturbing that anyone would actually defend getting ripped off like it is somehow good."

You are paying for more and getting less. Wise up.
Nitefa11 30 czerwca 2013 o 18:23 
So I guess Guild Wars and Diablo must just completely suck by that definition? I don't think anyone has got it figured out yet what works best.

I played Dark Age of Camelot from day one through the good and terible patches and back then this Game was whispered about how great it was going to be and the original results I saw were aweful.

From the videos I see here it looks great but I play for PVP or RVR and charging 60-70 euros and 15 euros a month good luck getting the American crowd be that a blessing or curse who knows. if you want sucessful combat you either do it PVP or you have to have 3 realms for great combat.
Wow was always boring (to me) espeacially with all the add ons that turned leveling in to conect the dots.

Look at the resurgence in Rift though and I do Believe it just went F2P they have a fair amount of servers and some times its still a 20-30 min wait. But that game was beautiful and detailed from the begining. and don't bother pointing out spelling errors I know i need spell check :)
supdude 15 sierpnia 2013 o 4:39 
YaYa 16 sierpnia 2013 o 3:16 
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