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revlob 26 nov 2012, ore 4:26
Gold Version owners UNITE
I'm pretty sure I bought this game twice from your website, once for the original and once for the gold version. Glad to see it finally on Greenlight, if you're successful I will have to buy it again!

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Zarphus 26 nov 2012, ore 12:45 
i'm one of probably many who sent RiG emails suggesting they try to get onto steam. i'm glad they're finally trying. this game went WAY under the mainstream radar.
Spardin 4 dic 2012, ore 6:52 
if it helps fund jng2 i will rebuy it
[NFH] Cactus Fantastico (Nakkh) 7 dic 2012, ore 20:07 
AvistTorch 25 dic 2012, ore 13:59 
You have my Daisycutter Mk II!
Dusd 27 dic 2012, ore 8:19 
I hope they release the Linuxversion over Steam. I mean WINE can handle this game without any problems, but having it native is always better :)
@Spardin, are there plans for a second Jets'n' Guns?

BTW, did anybody seen my Wander Wurst? I think i lost it at Schrödingers Donuts.....
sev X one 19 gen 2013, ore 16:18 
I own the gold version and like you i also emailed them, best sidescrolling shooter ever!
Player 7 20 gen 2013, ore 7:21 
I'd love to see this game make some more money, we might get some updates to support higher resolutions or something.
retroquark 23 gen 2013, ore 0:57 
They use a lot of fixed size sprites, and so on. So probably not going to see another resolution upgrade beyond the "gold" version.

But maybe a render upgrade, so it will run smoother on systems with optimus, similar setups..?
Persechini 5 mag 2013, ore 8:44 
Finding JnG on greenlight definitely made my day. I still play it every once in a while. I hope this gets released on Steam soon :)
tersk 4 giu 2013, ore 8:12 
I want JnG on Steam!!!
RAIDEN 5 giu 2013, ore 8:28 
SouLSLayeR 2 lug 2013, ore 20:52 
(永琳) Yagokoro Eirin 6 lug 2013, ore 15:34 
I look forward to this release.
Bullet2You 15 lug 2013, ore 7:58 
Nice Game
ESLA Holystream 19 lug 2013, ore 4:10 
You have my axe for this game!
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