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bike.stol 17 sierpnia 2013 o 22:15
All fans unite
Guys give the damn owner of the game your damn opinion right here right now before the game gets published and he never gets to see your opinions!
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Spartan of Luck 10 września 2013 o 9:57 
one of my favorite things about the game is how many weapons there is.
so in jets n guns 2 i hope we get atlest 2x the weapons.
bike.stol 10 września 2013 o 16:08 
I love th game because, I played the demo and then one day my mac (I use to use one) broke and never found the game again, untill I searched Jets'N'Guns on google and it took me here.
Spartan of Luck 18 września 2013 o 9:42 
we need more votes for jets n guns.
bike.stol 18 września 2013 o 13:22 
I'm spamming the link on Jets'N'Guns fourms.
Joikax 3 października 2013 o 19:41 
My gaming, and Metal style of music, tastes began with this game back when I was about 9 or 7 years old (Im 19 atm) and sat on an old♥♥♥♥♥computer with a big crappy screen. Hours spent on this game and even sometimes losing the game was SUPER fun. The soundtrack is pure epicness... Metal mixed with 8-bit sounds. Called SID Metal, should go look it up, it will be definitelly worth your time. And so is the game. Loads of action and greatness even to this day. Yes I supose many of you are like "oh it looks just like all the other crappy games with no good graphics, gameplay, or anything innovative" but trust me, this game WILL be worth your time and will make you play it so many times. It will even make you wish there was a second game... I only regret it not having a second title :/.
Spartan of Luck 5 października 2013 o 20:57 
Joikax nailed it
ps we still need more votes
Spartan of Luck 22 października 2013 o 9:39 
some one is voting jng down
who is it >:(
mikeybad 22 października 2013 o 21:46 
As long as the music rocks as hard as the preview video, I'm in.
Joikax 23 października 2013 o 10:57 
Actually, I think that the song in the preview video was not exactly the best to advertise the game, but... I think people get the general impression of what the game is about and what wonderfull soundtracks it has
Preview song is 'Hero' by Machinae Supremacy for anyone interested :)
Railgun 18 stycznia 2014 o 17:29 
I still want a good ending ;-;
Shadow_Actual 20 stycznia 2014 o 7:36 
I still want a good ending ;-;
From what I've heard, there is one this time around. You're going to have to work for it, though.
Railgun 20 stycznia 2014 o 15:10 
I still want a good ending ;-;
From what I've heard, there is one this time around. You're going to have to work for it, though.
Well at old version i get to "total mayhem". I think this is 2 times after "nightmare" difficulty and then game bugged at first lvl and i must use cheats to keep going. I gave up after 4-5 lvl later cuz this got boring.
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