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Gun Disassembly 2
jtgibson Feb 9, 2013 @ 1:12am
Direct click-on-model in Operation mode
The thing that immediately stands out for me that the high resolution of the PC offers compared to touchscreen devices is that those tiny little user interface buttons seem a bit irrelevant when we have a precision pointing tool (the mouse).

I think it'd be far more interesting if the user could directly click on the parts of the gun in Operation mode in order to manipulate the weapon -- e.g., clicking the mode selection switch to adjust the trigger group (right-click to go backward, left-click to go forward), clicking the safety lever to enable or disable weapon safety, click the trigger to fire, click the magazine release to change the magazine (or for bonus credit, click it to drop the magazine down and leave it hovering there, and then left click on the top of the magazine to load a new round, repeating until the magazine is full (right-click to remove a round) -- with an additional loaded magazine always present nearby so the user doesn't have to do that if they don't want to), click the charging lever/hammer/bolt to eject a round in the chamber or chamber a round after a fresh magazine, etc.

Without this degree of hands-on it's extremely hard to justify the huuuuge price tag on a per-model basis.