Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers
Very helpfull mod
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Zelda601 1月16日上午7:14 
yes very good mod !
i was having a trouble finding these stones thnx to da mod i got em all ^_^
dorbein 2月1日上午10:47 
Zerschmetterling 2月2日上午7:44 
Very good, thank you! :3
Artwolf 3月18日上午12:15 
Alpha_516 3月27日下午1:22 
priy frickin gnawsum
Alpha_516 3月27日下午1:22 
Cannabis Zebra 5月28日下午12:11 
So nice there was even some I had to backtrack cause I couldn't find them before lol
~NKC~Anthony™ ︻┳╦═─- - 5月28日下午12:12 
shadow lux 6月8日上午1:44 
a good mod, sometime's i found stones using this mod thinking ''how could i have missed that''
Wreckless 6月22日上午11:09 
Saved so much time!
Marty25 6月23日上午11:53 
Thanks for this!
ThineChaos 6月24日下午6:34 
Ebayzocker 6月29日上午7:35 
The most useful mod!
Viking Chief Njørn 6月29日上午8:23 
It's pretty good, I just like the challenge hahah.
正在显示第 1 - 15 条,共 18 条留言
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