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Legend of Dungeon
Elegant Metal Feb 25, 2013 @ 3:25pm
So what?
These opinions come from watching gameplay videos, so if Im wrong by all means correct me. This game LOOKS great. I mean come on look how well this game was put together. The 3d dungeon works very well with the 2d pixels and the lights look great. But all I can see from gameplay is swinging a sword, hit something, run away. Now I know that they will implement more things in the future ( at least I think so) but your basic melee is a pretty fundamental combat scheme. If all it consists of is swinging, hitting, and running away, there is no way to get better at that. That would, for me anyways, leave me bored. I like to get better at games, and with a boring attack scheme I can see a ton of grat potential being lost.

Again correct me if Im wrong!
Elegant Metal
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Cap'n Robot  [developer] Feb 27, 2013 @ 6:52pm 
List of Items and Combat stuff:
  • Charge Up Attack - being implemented in the next alpha version
  • Gravity damage - your falling speed is added to combat strength so you can jump off of high things for huge hits, or jump attack for more damage.
  • Magic Missiles - there are 3 levels of magic missile that you summon from books you find.
  • Monster Summoning - there are magic books that summon various creatures who will attack for you.
  • Guns - including a tommy gun.
  • Traps - there are traps you can spring which will hurt you or monsters.
  • Secret Stuff - that I don't want to talk about because it would ruin the surprise :D

So there is quite a bit more to it then hitting things with sticks. I can say this much, I work on and test the game all day.. and I still enjoy playing it!
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