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Legend of Dungeon
Nightmare Corporation 2013. jan. 21. @ de. 2:47
In the article by Rock Paper Shotgun, there was mentioned a demo, but no link existing to the demo, where can you play the demo?
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Cap'n Robot  [Fejlesztő] 2013. jan. 21. @ de. 9:49 
That demo was just for the kickstarter. There will be another demo once we are out of beta.
Nightmare Corporation 2013. jan. 21. @ de. 10:30 
Aww... Too bad... How long do you estimate the beta time and is there a possible way to join it? Your game looks pretty nice and I love these rogue-like, dungeon crawler, beat-em-up, etc. etc. games ^^
Cap'n Robot  [Fejlesztő] 2013. jan. 21. @ du. 2:47 
No way to join yet... we are hoping to have something early February. We'll keep everyone updated once we know :D
Nightmare Corporation 2013. jan. 22. @ de. 12:45 
Okay, thanks for taking your time to answer my questions. I'll be waiting for news ^^
amh7912 2013. febr. 10. @ du. 11:30 
Well now that you've been on Cox's Greenlight, I guess I'll be the first of many to ask what's the story with that demo?
Cap'n Robot  [Fejlesztő] 2013. febr. 11. @ de. 7:55 
:\ as with many things, it's taking longer then we would like. Life is crazy, deadlines are flexible.
Nightmare Corporation 2013. febr. 12. @ de. 1:21 
That's bad... I really want to play this game ^^
What is the new estimated demo date?
Cap'n Robot  [Fejlesztő] 2013. febr. 15. @ de. 9:19 
Sometime late March. We hope to be feature complete before PAX East (March 22nd)
Nightmare Corporation 2013. febr. 15. @ de. 10:34 
Late march? Oh well... There goes my hope -.-
1HP SUPER COOKIE WITH EVIL HATS 2013. márc. 8. @ du. 11:49 
Nightmare Corporation 2013. márc. 9. @ de. 4:29 
If they need the time, they need the time, there is no need to push them. Let them do their thing, we'll see results when there are some.
Rachanork The Fighter 2013. jún. 28. @ de. 11:01 
hey uh sorry but'll this game like a free to play or do you need to buy the game?
Rachanork The Fighter 2013. jún. 28. @ de. 11:01 
~TakoeDno^ 2013. jún. 28. @ du. 12:11 
Free Neeed
Rachanork The Fighter 2013. jún. 28. @ du. 12:19 
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