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Hinsonator Mar 31, 2013 @ 12:12am
player team suggestions
I have been having alot of awesome ideas for player teams in co-op and/or PvP (if theres going to be PvP) anyway... lets start off with something basic...
How teams will work... instead of just preventing your units or turrets from damaging and destroying other people's structures and giving people units and resources there should be an over all commander (or at least an option to do that) the commander has the "main" base and everyone can use his factories the downside to this is if one of the commander's factories is busy building a unit for the commander or someone else (or theres more than one in the que) you have to wait before you can que up more but the commander can move units up in the que so that if he was using his factories to build units but a player was going to make his own base so he was going to build a few builders and an escort the commander could move them up in the que therefore making it a good idea to get all the support commanders to build their own bases up ASAP and when players lose connection or d/c control of their structures/units is moved over to the host (or team commander) and you can transfer control of units and structures (so if people rejoin you can give their bases and most to all of their units back) and youcan transfer resources also everyone can use everyones refinaries when refining when refining at a friend's refinary (which everyone will do alot of early game at the main base) the resources are split 75/25 (75 to the player dropping off the resources 25 to the player that owns the refinary) so you can have a good team of 3-4 maybie more people one person is the commander (of course) you have one on resource collection, (or that is the commander's job) one exploring the caves, one with the main army, one exploring the ocean, one exploring space and the space stations and one exploring other planets (or the person exploring underground would probably be good for the last three jobs aswell) and possibly someone supplying power (like in Supreme Commander when you have the "share resources" option ticked when your allies are consuming more than they are making (if possible) so it will even it out so the base would be back on track and if theres a power system in this game thats how it should work in co-op/PvP.
I hope that some of these ideas (or if i'm lucky all of them) make it into the final game also feel free to add to this or add new ideas.
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Mar 31, 2013 @ 7:47am 
I can see your onto something here. I'll probobly be back later to add some ideas i have for the game.
Hinsonator Mar 31, 2013 @ 2:41pm 
and the commander would also be able to build from the other player's factories (in case the main base gets destroyed) but the same rules still apply (the only difference is the commander can't change the que the player that owns the factory can)
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