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Company of Heroes: Eastern Front
SchlagtSieTot 2013. dec. 19. @ du. 3:02
New CoH update bugs my game.
I've just downloadet a CoH update for the vanilla game, and now I can't choose any of the EF factions.
Is any one having the same issue?

Edit: Well, as it turns out, I can't play EF at all, not even with the vanilla factions. The buildings looks weird and I can't move or order my pio squads to do any thing.
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CarrotandStick 2013. dec. 20. @ de. 2:46 
I haven't launched a game, but the exact same issue, can't select the new factions.
SchlagtSieTot 2013. dec. 20. @ de. 3:46 
I posted on the official EF forum, and it's a problem for many players. It will get sortet how ever.. That's what I heard so far.
[AE-Dev]Blackbishop  [Fejlesztő] 2013. dec. 20. @ de. 8:30 
We will need time to fix it, if it is similar to the previous patch it might be easier. Otherwise it will need some time to be developed.
CarrotandStick 2013. dec. 20. @ du. 1:52 
Argh, shame. Good luck, guys. =)
ZIRAF 2013. dec. 20. @ du. 5:28 
i thougt that bug was my computer's problem, so i got remove and reintall the game and mod twice.... am i stupid?
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wiki987555 2013. dec. 23. @ de. 4:56 
same problem -.-
plz help me,it is a good mod and i still want to play it.
Dwarfy1Panda 2013. dec. 23. @ du. 3:13 
yhea i would love to play this mod but my company of heoroes tales of valor says error media not found ;(

PFC Benton [29th ID] 2013. dec. 26. @ de. 10:08 
Ah i've been searching for answers for this issue for quite some time. Hope you gents get it sorted ASAP! I miss playing EF
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Skeeter 2013. dec. 28. @ du. 5:03 
Blackbishop eredeti hozzászólása:
We will need time to fix it, if it is similar to the previous patch it might be easier. Otherwise it will need some time to be developed.

Soon as you fix it you should let us know. My friends and myself love this mod and it has kept quite a few of them from buying CoH2. Excellent work. Keep it up!
Dwarfy1Panda 2013. dec. 30. @ du. 2:14 
yhea i realy miss the mod unlimeted pop cp the proper way to play i never play coh tov any more i need this mod back and when it is back can some 1 help me install?
frippe 2014. jan. 4. @ du. 3:16 
is eastern front working for any one right now?
B1337 2014. febr. 8. @ du. 1:22 
FullOfShit 2014. febr. 9. @ de. 9:01 
....2 months later ... and it still does not work, how long must we wait?? But Blitzkrieg-Mod works, then why not Eastern Front?? incomprehensible to the whole !!!!
[AE-Dev]Blackbishop  [Fejlesztő] 2014. febr. 12. @ de. 10:59 
First of all, you cannot compare Blitzkrieg with Eastern Front. Try Normandy 44, it would be a better comparison and go check if it works with the latest version as well.
anolisjd1990 2014. máj. 12. @ du. 8:39 
me too it crashed the game.
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