Този софтуер получи зелена светлина от общността!

Общността показа интереса си към този софтуер. Valve са се свързали с този разработчик, за да се придвижи излизането му в Steam.

GroBoto - Modeling App
 Тази тема е прикачена, така че сигурно е важна
GroBotoad  [разработчик] 18 октомври 2012 в 1:28 следобед
We are back - In the Right place now. Please recast your vote.
We were just a bit too enthusiastic, and mislead by a couple of news blurbs -- GroBoto was posted in the Greenlight Games Category before the Software option was availble. If you voted us up there, you need to revote here -- much appreciated,
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GroBotoad  [разработчик] 20 октомври 2012 в 5:41 сутринта 
Thank to all of you that have re-voted. There are still many who don't realize their votes were lost in our move to the Software category, please help us find them by spreading the news.
Best Wishes, Darrel
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