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Black Ink
Bonnimimi  [geliştirici] 8 Oca 2013 @ 8:02
Black Ink FAQ
General informations and useful links.
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Bonnimimi  [geliştirici] 8 Oca 2013 @ 8:06 

Can I try Black Ink already?

Yes, you can download the trial version at this address[www.bleank.com] and please share your feedback on our forums[forum.bleank.com]!

If I purchase a license now, will I get a Steam key once it receives the green light?

Absolutely. Every purchase made before Steam release will grant a free Steam key.

Will there be a Mac version?

Eventually yes but we are a very small team and we need to finish the Windows version with all its features first.
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Bonnimimi  [geliştirici] 8 Oca 2013 @ 8:49 

I’m curious about what Black Ink can do and I want to read more about its features.

The tutorials on our forums[forum.bleank.com] contain step by step illustrated explanations of Black Ink’s basic features as well as more in-depth controllers examples.

What features are you planning to add to Black Ink?

Here[forum.bleank.com] is a list of the features coming in Black Ink in the next few months.

Will there be layers?

Yes, this is our next priority.

I’m thinking about a feature I really want to see in Black Ink.

Please tell us in the suggestions section of our forums[forum.bleank.com]!

Controllers are too complex for me, will I enjoy Black Ink even if I don’t use them?

Yes! In our next major update you will be able to download and use brushes made by other users.
Just leave the complicated stuff to them and enjoy the final tools!

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