Сообщество дало этой игре зеленый свет!

Сообщество выразило свой интерес к этой игре. Valve связалась с ее разработчиком и начала подготовку к ее выходу в Steam.

Pox 25 сен, 2013 @ 15:20
DISTANCE UPDATE INFO HERE - Share what you know!
I am in no way associated with Refract, however, I propose we dedicate a thread to updates about the game since a ton of you in the forums have no clue what's going on. Contrary to what some of these threads say, Refract has been doing a great job working on the game. They have been continually posting updates on their offical sites. If you are a backer you have exclusive updates to extra info on kickstarter and their forums, but they post publically as well. You can even tweet them or ask them questions.

There is some confusion about the "Summer 2013" release date, which I believe applies to the Alpha build (NOT the final release)
When will Distance come out?
When it's done. This applies to beta and final release.
- Source: Distance offical forum

- Kickstarter http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1857884659/distance-a-next-generation-arcade-racer/posts
- Refract Studio Twitter https://twitter.com/refractstudios
- Refract Studio FB https://www.facebook.com/refractstudios
- DIstance offical website (recently updated) http://survivethedistance.com
- Distance offical forums http://survivethedistance.com/forums

- HAS BEEN RELEASED for backers only

- No released date at the time of writing
- Deluxe version isavailable for $25
- Will be available for Mac / Linux?
- Orders here http://survivethedistance.com/

I do not have exclusive access to the forum or the kickstarter updates, if someone is willing to share that info (especially if it's a release date) it would be really appreciated.
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Venomeyes' 14 ноя, 2013 @ 9:25 
Well they gave us a reason why they are keeping the game under wraps. They are giving info to those who have backed the game. Those who haven't have to patiently wait for the release. For me, I don't mind it too much. As much as I would love more info on the progress of development, I'm not willing to shell out for just info when I can wait for it. Backing the game , of course, gives you rewards and perks, this is a reason for me to back the game.

I have a feeling those who have backed the game want to honor the request of not sharing info because of their dedication. They are following the example of the development team not to share info.
It's not that big of a deal. You have summed up pretty much everything in your post, it also seems backers may or may not be as informed either.
[ARCH] perlmut 16 янв @ 16:37 
At first i was excited. Looked great, interesting with a release in near future (summer 13)
Now we have 2014 and there is no information, no teaser, no trailer, no new vids, no release date. BUT YOU CAN PREODER IT. It's a bad joke.

Today when i think about Distance i am annoyed. Distance comes with a bad bad taste. Release: still distant. Interest almost lost.

♥♥♥♥ YOU, Refract!
Pox 30 янв @ 21:36 
It seems that Refract is pretty active on Twitter. I guess they must still be fine tuning the game. Look here's a post that's pretty recent. https://twitter.com/kyleholdwick/status/425476753205628928/photo/1
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