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Stillo :D 2013. szept. 3. @ du. 2:09
So let me get this straight...
This game has been in development for almost a year now with an overprediction of dates, only just releasing the alpha and NO DATES for the beta for final product.
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Invastar 2013. szept. 6. @ du. 7:30 
yup! what a dedicated fan base!
Pox 2013. szept. 11. @ du. 9:07 
I say let them test it however as long as they need to before releasing the beta. Would you rather have a quality product and wait a little while longer or something rushed and ♥♥♥♥♥♥? A year is a long time but still....
Stillo :D 2013. szept. 12. @ de. 12:05 
Yeah, i know what you mean.
SomeUnregPunk 2013. szept. 12. @ de. 5:23 
well you could do what some of done... go here.... http://survivethedistance.com/
buy one of the beta options, get the alpha and access to their backer's forums where they are more talkative just because you backed them with some cash.

or just join the official forums and mingle until you get in touch with someone who is a backer and learn some more info.
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Stillo :D 2013. szept. 12. @ de. 8:13 
Yh, i have peordered the beta. It's just they said that the beta was coming of summer 2013, so then i read about the "delays" but i really dont care, i just want a great game. It was all a bit confusing.
Mosquito Señorito 2013. szept. 28. @ du. 2:19 
They can release a game right now, no problem. But it will be a slightly unplayable and unfinished mess. Anyone wants that? I think not.
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Stillo :D 2013. szept. 29. @ de. 3:15 
Draq 2013. okt. 6. @ du. 1:02 
I want it
Pet_Raxa2 2013. okt. 7. @ du. 2:20 
people still care about distance?

who cares...
Le MixDorian 2013. okt. 9. @ de. 10:19 
Quesque quoi?
Glitchy647 2013. nov. 2. @ du. 5:33 
As long as the developers working here don't turn into the developers for Fez (dang, game took so freakin' long- now its only for PC...) I'm still willing to support the game. To cheer everyone up, Minecraft has been out since 2009, right? So right now it's at 1.7- amazing game, but in the long run not that long ago since beta
Darman 2014. márc. 24. @ du. 2:02 
That's the problem with kickstarter; you're with it from the very beginning. Usualy, a game takes 2 years until it's released.
From other games you only start to hear and see trailers once they are alraedy very far into development and somewhat close to a finished product.
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