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Display on back of cars?
Im concerned about the display being on the back of the cars, and if it would be possible to have the old "Nitronic" overlay displaying speed, overheat, etc.
It concerns me because I get the feeling that the display being on the back of the car could cause me semi-motion sickness while trying to figure out speed and such. I feel vthat it would be quite difficult to focus on driving and overheat at the same time when the display is bouncing around just like your car. I think it would be in the best interests of the community, or at least those with a weak stomach like mine, if the HUD were stationary like that on "Nitronic Rush" So my question is; will it be possible in the options menu to switch the display from the back of the car to a stationary place on the bottom, top, and sides of the screen?
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Jack5 31 stycznia 2013 o 1:04 
Same... maybe there will be an option.
Should be optional. Options are always good. Yet plenty of major developers seem oblivious to such a thing. I think they will have something. It can be hard to read at times. Great game.Can't wait. Back to Sonic Racing Transformed.....it's great.Get it!
yea i agree
I think it's a cool idea, but with the usual car designs, they are slanted away from the screen, which is hard to read.
McShave07 7 sierpnia 2013 o 16:18 
I actually think it's a fantastic idea. With such a fast and frantic game (at the harder points) it removes the need to take your eyes off the action (The centre of the screen basically). That's one thing I dislike about racing games. Having to search the corners of your screen to find the stats.

It would be nice to give players the option though.
Wakk 16 września 2013 o 9:38 
Wouldn't the best option be both? A standard HUD is more practical because you won't always be able to see the back of the car but at the same time it's advantageous to be able to keep all that information in mind while still being able to keep your eyes on your car. It would be better just to have the game displaying both, it's like in Halo a lot of the guns have some sort of aesthetic feature to indicate ammo count or overheat, but it's still displayed on the HUD as well.
SomeUnregPunk 18 września 2013 o 13:51 
wouldn't a stationary hud interfere with race by blocking what you can see, thus blocking potential shortcuts in the race?
Wakk 20 września 2013 o 9:09 
wouldn't a stationary hud interfere with race by blocking what you can see, thus blocking potential shortcuts in the race?
I think it depends how much it's displaying. The HUD in Nitronic Rush worked great though. It was even a little excessive with overheat bars on both sides. I never had any problems with it interfering with visuals though.
Ants In My Eyes 26 września 2013 o 2:25 
wouldn't a stationary hud interfere with race by blocking what you can see, thus blocking potential shortcuts in the race?

Then don't use it. Blocking shortcuts? Never heard of shortcuts hiding exclusively behind a HUD. I guess if you only look at HUD before you come into view of shortcut....then obviously you know it was there in the first place.

Now real time randomly generated tracks/paths is what I'm talking about....you know the kind where the track behind the last person dematerializes up to a certain length then you die if you are too far behind because the track is gone. In front how far ahead can be set and is randomly materialized section..you never know what you're gonna get. Now you can also set laps as distance it will remember the pattern of a set distance and loop it..or you can just go full random.
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