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Swoliosis 28 Mar, 2013 às 18:51
Will there be a demo
I would like there to be a demo like the first 2 levels or a time trial of the first level
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Sonickyle27 11 Mai, 2013 às 7:19 
I believe there will be, since you have to buy this game (unless you backed it on Kickstarter, then you get it for free.)
18 Mai, 2013 às 22:27 
hope so :)
LeviK 18 Jul, 2013 às 2:49 
yeah really hope there is a demo
joorgeerdz 22 Jul, 2013 às 2:33 
i hope soo!
Jebacutee 30 Jul, 2013 às 16:59 
Hopefully there is one.
CaptainTechnicality 6 Ago, 2013 às 20:24 
Why is that a requirement? If they want to release a Beta demo, they will, but I doubt they'll have a demo when the full version comes out.
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