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Medeyah 19 jan 2013 à 21h47
Upon buying this game, assuming it would be futured on stream, who would also fancy the soundtracks to be bought for extra support to the devs, not to mention that you'll have something amazing to listen to if you dig the tunes?
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SlapDemTittayz 14 fév 2013 à 21h18 
Glad you're enjoying the music, thanks for the kind words! I (Morgan, the guy who's writing the soundtrack) am hoping to make it available for purchase when the game's released :)
Medeyah 15 fév 2013 à 20h26 
Sounds awesome :P
kamimaiku 11 juil 2013 à 19h45 
Is the music in trailers from OST? If so, I definitely would like to buy it.
objora  [développeur] 16 juil 2013 à 4h15 
@kamimaiku yes, it's from the OST!

Here is a link where you can buy OST :)
Medeyah 16 juil 2013 à 11h51 
I can't express you how much i love you right now!
racksmey 16 août 2013 à 10h47 
I love the soundtrack for this game!
D-Reaper 28 août 2013 à 11h32 
nice sound track
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