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No Heroes
Fang 28/fev/2013 às 21:23
Weapon and Map Ideas
Give some weapon and map ideas here (must be real life weapons)
You can also add weapon attachments in to ideas
Última edição por Fang; 6/mar/2013 às 0:23
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itznewgames 1/mar/2013 às 6:39 
add Sniper Rifle L96
grahas-Khan 1/mar/2013 às 23:42 
The also popular cross bow.

And dont forget the compound bow
Wheelo 2/mar/2013 às 20:15 
Some mounted mini-guns. They need some massive penalties though. Like turning speed and start up time
Papa Tran 4/mar/2013 às 5:39 
add pistol automag 2
๖ۣۜSubject Six 5/mar/2013 às 18:51 
M4A1 and M9. DUH!
(Don't forget the Colt.45).
mad4dts 6/mar/2013 às 1:36 
m4oa3 not m40a5
smokemaker64 7/mar/2013 às 10:55 
P90 and UMP45
Ollyumpus 7/mar/2013 às 23:04 
Ahhh probably a G36C as a Weapon and for atchments Red dot Sight, Supressor, Extended Mag, Fast Mag and Akimbo
Alfahadi 9/mar/2013 às 6:10 
m16a4,m60a4,mp5,winchester m1889,and also maps with snow theme
Fang 9/mar/2013 às 13:28 
Fang 9/mar/2013 às 13:28 
kobra sights
Lazerdraggg LCC 12/mar/2013 às 14:16 
A "imaginary" map set in the sky on a air ship . or just a snowy Mountain range level
zed'64*R 12/mar/2013 às 14:29 
How about pure sniping map? Something like CTF-FacingWorlds.
Fang 12/mar/2013 às 23:30 
I think of snow maps
Super Kami Guru 13/mar/2013 às 14:22 
Kriss super V and how about we try and help out druken lizard games here by making the blander nodel of the gun you want in the gam it would probably save him a lot of time...
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